exodus 4:11

Does this scripture mean simply that god has created all or that he put dumbness, deafness and so on on people? I’m a little confused on this one.


It means that God has created all, “abled” and “disabled” alike: Moses is complaining about his inability to speak (v1.0), and God is telling him not to worry about it.

Let’s begin by providing everyone with the Scripture

The Lord said to him: Who made man’s mouth? or who made the dumb and the deaf, the seeing and the blind? did not I?

I prefer to consult the Church Fathers first. Theodoret of Cyrus says in his Questions on Exodus, "Why did the Lord of the universe make Moses, His minister, stammering and slow of speech? Because this showed forth God’s power all the more. Just as He appointed fishermen, tax collectors, and cobblers heralds of truth and teachers of religion, so He confounded the Egyptian sages with a weak voice and a slow tongue.

St. Augustine says in Questions on Exodus 33:72, “There are some who bring false charges against God, or rather against the Scriptures of the Old Testament, because God said that He Himself makes a man blind or mute. So what do they say about Christ the Lord, who says openly in the Gospel, “I have come so that those who are blind may see and those who see might be made blind”? (Jn 9:39) Who besides a fool would believe that something can happen to a man in regard to corporeal defects that God did not will? No one doubts that God wills all things justly.”

So god wills that a man be deaf or dumb? This is his justice? OK if it is I’m still confused by this statements you say is from Augustine. Does he will these things so that his glory be shown more?


Originally God created man with no flaws, but through the fall into sin mankind is flawed. But God uses our weaknesses to show His glory. God allows things to happen, not that He likes to see people hindered, but He uses those things that are a result of sin to bring a greater good.

When Jesus cured the man who was born blind, people questioned Jesus why the man was blind, i.e. had he sinned or had his parents sinned? This is a deep question. But, Jesus vanquishes these questions when he said, so that the works of God may be revealed in him.

In Jesus’ instance, it was that he would cure him of his blindness. In our day, those same works of God are revealed by how we treat the weak, blind, lame, defenseless, etc.

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