Exodus 4:24


God just commanded Moses to go to Egypt to start his mission. Then God wants to kill him. God could have done it in many occasions but why now when he has just about to start his mission? This verse just doesn’t seem to fit the sequence of events especially if you just read Exodus 4:21-23 where God told him to do this, do this, do that.

Then this verse says God wants to kill him after meeting him at the inn. Did something happened at the inn that move God to kill Moses? The closest thing I can think of is that Moses refused to circumcise when told to and that upset God but his wife Zipporah took the initiative and diffused the situation. Remember this was a reluctant Moses tasked to do this big job and possibly balked at some of the things God wanted him to do.

Anyone can shed some light on this?


Where does it say that God wants to kill Moses?


Well… in Exodus 4:24!

NAB: the LORD came upon Moses and sought to put him to death.
RSV-CE: the LORD met [Moses] and sought to kill him
D-R: the Lord came in [Moses’] path and threatened him with death

We can talk about what is meant in these passages… but the implication on the face of the words themselves seems pretty clear. :shrug:


It seems to me that God is asking something of Moses before he starts his mission, and it has to do with the Covenant God made with Abram.

I’d begin with Genesis Chapter 17. Verse 12 in particular mentions that every male must be circumcised as part of the Covenant.


Understanding covenant in the OT is critical to fully grasping salvation history. (I’m not sure I fully understand it, but I did get that much from listening to Scott Hahn. :slight_smile: )


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