Exodus 90 Accountability Program


So, I have acquired this Master Mind and accountability program called Exodus 90. For many Catholic men here I believe it’s already kind of known: https://exodus90.com/about/

Just after getting hold of the program, I have found out that we are supposed to find other men for fellowship and to get onto this program as well.

The things is, this program consists of a book of more than 300 pages, in English, and I live in Brazil, in a ridiculously small town at that! I have tried talking with the very few Catholic men I’m close to, and explained about this program, no success.

So I guess, the only option I have is trying to find people elsewhere. And I thought about trying to find 5 or 7 good men, willing to step up a notch in their lives by taking this Exodus 90 program seriously, and becoming a better version of our own selves.

How about that?


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