Exodus 90: Jan 13th - April 12th

Can I ask if there’s anyone out there who is signed up, or is signing up for Exodus 90 beginning January 13th 2020?
I am in the UK and really want and need to do this, but not knowing one, single other Catholic man who would commit to this I am not allowed to participate - you are not allowed to do this unless part of a group (2, at least).
If there’s anyone reading this who would like to join me as a partner in this, or is signed up already and would permit me to join them/their fraternity, I would be most grateful.

God bless you all


Have you tried joining your local Knights of Columbus council?

Hello Elias,
I’m not sure I understand the relevance of your question?
I have, as it happens, and there are fewer than half a dozen members, all over 60, and not interested in anything like spiritual discipline. Very focused on being ‘friend’s’ with local Priests - which is good, of course - but only really enthusiastic about things like charity dinners and golf, and nothing like Exodus 90: that’s way too ascetic. These guys may have been up for it 30 years ago, but even that is probably unlikely.
Is that why you asked?
God bless you.

Are there online groups you could join? I joined an online group for Nineveh 90 because I doubt I could have found anyone in physical proximity to me who even knew what it was.

There are no online fraternities for Exodus 90, if that’s what you mean - this is my attempt to find an ‘online group’ or indibidual. I have exactly the same problem you had.
Don’t suppose you would consider joining with me to do this?
God bless you.

You said you were looking for a fraternity to join in Exodus 90. You can always join and than get the younger Catholics in your parish to join so they can join you in Exodus 90

There are no younger Catholics in the parish. I meant an Exodus 90 fraternity - you have to form one to participate.
How about it, Elias; would you like to do Exodus 90 with me?

I don’t know much about it but I don’t see why I couldn’t

Wow! Really? That would be fantastic!
Here’s the link:

If you take a look, and think that it’s right for you, then please let me know.
It’d be a blessing to journey with you to a renewed holiness of life.
God bless you.

I’m female, so I can’t do Exodus 90. Nineveh 90 also includes women (and predictably ends up being mostly older women doing it…the way of most prayer groups).

But it looks like some of the other guys on here might join you.

O, I’m sorry!
Not sure why I assumed otherwise?!
Well, thanks for your responses, anyway - hopefully I will find at least one person to make it possible.

What exactly is ‘Nineveh 90’? Is it the same kind of thing, and how did it work for you?
God bless you.

It’s the same type of thing with perhaps a little less emphasis on some of the masculine aspects. Basically prayer and fasting . I did it with a group as an anti-abortion initiative.

It was okay. A lot of fasting. Unfortunately when I was almost to the end of it my husband suddenly died and while I think I did finish the program my mind was on something other than spiritual development by then if you get my drift.

O, I am so very, very sorry to hear that.
Please let me have your husband’s name so I can pray for him in my daily Rosary.
Yes, I totally understand.
I hope you’re OK - I can’t imagine how tough that must be for you.
God bless and keep you.

Thanks, I am doing okay as it was almost 2 years ago now. His name was Bear. I called him that anyway. Mr Bear will do just fine, God knows who he is. Thank you for any prayers.

Ps. Please also put in a prayer for the several other widows on the forum and their beloved dead as there are many of us and at least one other recent.


I’m very glad to hear you’re OK.
I certainly will do that, rest assured.
You and Mr Bear will stay with me in my prayers each day - once you’re in my Rosary, you stay there, and we become spiritual friends for life.
God bless you, Mrs Bear. Be safe and well.

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I am going to see if some friends want to join me, but if not I will join you.

Or if we form a group and you still need partners, I can invite you. I haven’t done this before but “assembling a team” seems to be required.

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Merry Christmas, brother!
Thank you so much - that would be wonderful!

God bless you,
Darren, UK.

Hi Darren, I am in the same situation as you. Finding people in my parish who want to do it right, much less at all, is a chore. Not a lot of people banging down my door to sign up for three months of cold showers. I am excited to start and I plan on doing the full program as it is meant to be done.

I would like to join your group or you can join mine. But I would like to talk more about this with you before it begins. There might be an opportunity to get some more guys in a couple days and I can share that with you.

I’m in the UK, I have no idea what this is though.

There are several videos about Exodus 90 with the founder speaking to several personalities about it on youtube. It has its own website as well to sign up.

Basically a 90 day program for men to draw themselves closer to Jesus and His church. It consists of prayer and various ascetic practices. It is not easy but it should be life changing.

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