Please an someone tell me why, if as historical experts state there is no archaeological evidence that the Exodus ever occurred, many faiths still continue to believe that it did?!

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If you have been to the Middle East, or even seen a picture, you realize one obstacle to archaeology there: sand. It moves a lot. It covers things. It’s hard to dig in.

Egyptology is a brand new science. The place is an iceberg (but hot!)… The pyramids stick out, but a lot of other stuff is buried. Maybe whole cities.

So there’s that fact.

But also, there is the text itself. One has to wonder what the usefulness is of inventing a narrative about being in Egypt and leaving it, and then basing practically your entire cultural identity around that event.

As for “positive evidence,” you might try a Google search. I recall seeing some good books that talk about it.

Good point about the sand and the entire narrative!! Thankyou:)

And why is archeological evidence required?

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…other than the sand issue… have you noticed that of all the old powers of the world only Egypt is said, by “scholars,” to not have used slave-labor in its infrastructure. Egyptians were so loving of their Pharos that they broke their backs and tore their bodies for them while other nations took to outsourcing heavy labor to slaves. How enlightened those Egyptians were!

…other than the sifting of the sands, we must take into account the Hebrew sojourn… they were Commanded to live in tents–throughout their desert trek they were not permitted to build long-standing structures but to remain mobile; how much archaeological evidence can be left behind by a constant shifting of the sands and a people with nomadic practices?

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Every ancient people had a story explaining its origin: it’s a need to create a cultural identity. Most of them have been proven false.

Did you read one of these books, and could you mention some elements of “positive evidence”?

Thank you jchriton, very interesting re ‘slave labour’ I recommend YouTube video link below!•
EXODUS REVEALED!!- Hard Evidence in Red Sea of Israel’s Escape From Egypt - Duration: 1:24:53. 24BaZZa - Saved By Grace Productions64,600 views

Thankyou e-c. I recommend the youtube video link below

EXODUS REVEALED!!- Hard Evidence in Red Sea of Israel’s Escape From Egypt - Duration: 1:24:53. 24BaZZa - Saved By Grace Productions64,600 views

Read some Egyptian sources, too. Keep in mind, they aren’t going to have the same story as the Jews, but they did have a history of a foreign people inhabiting Egypt and growing quite large.

Here is the thing. Were there Jewish people living in Egypt, sure. Were there Jewish people by the hundred thousands, probably not. As the evidence has shown the story is just that, a story. It was told, more than likely, to explain why the two peoples didn’t like each other as well as to explain the hierarchy of the priests.

I recall seeing on the History channel an episode of Battles in the Bible or something like that on Exodus. It mentioned the Habiru tribe from Canaan coming to Egypt and after a change in Egyptian policy, leaving. Some of the specifics differed, but it the general gist was the same.

Eh the “History Channel” doesn’t seem like history anymore. Unless selling stuff to a pawn shop is history.

While I do not doubt that an Asiatic (i.e. Habiru – Hebrew) population inhabited Egypt (there are texts that seem to document this – however, they’re not in Egyptian. The Armana letters written in Akkadian for example), I don’t believe said population was nearly as large as it has been made out to be over the centuries (the classic “fish story” – keeps getting bigger with each retelling).

Egypt did not need to have a large slave work force as most of the fertile parts of the country were underwater for three months of the year – Season of Innundation. During this time you had thousands of Egyptians (mainly farmers) who essentially could do nothing with regards to farming until the Nile receded. It’s they who became Egypt’s work force. That’s not to say slave labor was not used for some of the less favorable tasks involved in construction projects.

Nothing exists in Egyptian literature simply because Egyptians did not record their “losses” or anything that portrayed the country or its rulers in a negative light.

I agree with others too – sand……huge problem for trying to find small pieces of evidence. There’s a lot of schools of thought on the chronology too, particularly with the Third Intermediary Period (a/k/a “TIP”) – quite possible people are just looking in more or less the right places, but wrong time period.

I highly recommend the book “Pharaohs and Kings” which discusses biblical archaeology (particularly the Exodus and Jacob’s entry into Egypt) in light of a proposed re-chronicling.

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…wait aren’t they working on the Jesus narratives (hiding the dead sea scrolls, cheating on Magdalene with Mary, and running with the bulls in Spain)?

…and I hear there’s a new take on the grassy knoll and the men in black influence…

…and something about NASA being shutdown after ets complained about noise pollution in the milky way…

…give them time… they’ll come up with something!

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…sorry, seems I’ve confused you…

…when there’s no news to tell; people engage in creation of news… it does not matter how little fact is involved… they spin the story to sell air time… the more dramatic and discombobulated the more “people” will buy into it…

…like the movie genres crossing themes just to engage the “what if” crowds…

…so while the air time may be bought out by the infomercial machines… they will come back with something… even if they have to dig under the last rock to get it (or manufacture it).

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You still are not making any sense.

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