why cant I allowed to exorcise someone or something like exercisingam prayer against my house to stop devils coming in and wrecking the place!

You can always pray for protection against diabolical attacks. There is no limitation there.

But “exorcism” is a command exercised by a person with authority. If you are not a priest acting with the approval of the Church, you have NO power over demons to cast them out.

Are devils really coming into your house and wrecking the place?

St. Michael the Archangel, St. Benedict, and the Blessed Mother are powerful against devils as well as Jesus…He can get the devil away from you if you ask Him. Holy water, crucifixes, blessed salt and blessed medals can help, too, but other than that, you would probably need to call a priest.

If you call a priest, be prepared to show him some of the things that go on if you can. Take pictures with your cell phone if you have one. A picture is worth a thousand words they say.

I don’t even think exorcisingisms is a word! :slight_smile:

Quit watching all those Poltergeist reruns! If you sit around expecting demons to ruin your life, you eventually will ruin it! If you pray to God for strength against demons, they cannot hurt you!

As someone said in another thread to you - ‘get thee to catechism class’!

Here is your first assignment, for your next three posts, make them about positive subjects you have questions about…(no demons, bodily functions, paranormal battles…)

Of course that’s only a friendly suggestion! :smiley:

Do you have a specific problem with your house?

The official church teaching is:

Only priests with permission from their bishop can perform an exorcism, with the official exorcism prayer of the church.

Fr Gabriel Amorthe (retired head exorcist of the Vatican) said that:
Laypeople are allowed to pray this exorcism prayer, over their property (eg house, belongings, but not over people),

I read elsewhere that parents have a particular special gift of asking God for blessings for their children (when they ask God to bless their kids). God especially appreciates parents prayers for their kids. (Just like in the Bible Jesus had a special love for children,)

Your question is both ridiculous and completely misspelled.

Is it just priests that the Bishop has said can perform exorcisms or all priests?

Are all Bishops allowed to perform exorcisms?

All priests are capable of doing the prayers of “private” exorcism. All priests require permission from their bishop to do the prayers of “formal” exorcism, which carry with them the authority of the Church, and so are more efficacious.

Bishops can perform formal exorcisms without permission from another person. Though it would probably be inappropriate for a bishop to go gallivanting around the jurisdictions of other bishops to exorcise people (speculation on my part).

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