Exorcism accounts/recordings from credible sources?

I’m looking for any credible documentation (particularly) recordings of real exorcisms. This stuff has always fascinated me (and scared the hell out of me) but I’m curious as to the legitimacy of it all. Seems so hush hush (obviously to protect privacy etc) but some type of officially released recording or some kind of credible source and account would be good.

Anyone know links to hard, credible, tangible documentation?

I recommend.


I understand that most of us have a curiosity about such things but be careful. Demons are real and the New Age, in the form of books and web sites, is real as well. Ask yourself: Why do I want to hear the cries, the prayers, the demonic? To convince myself that it’s real? As a form of - Wow! That was so cool! or some other reason?

I just want to say, in the most balanced way I know how, that once your curiosity is satisfied, be careful.


I recommend "Hostage to the Devil, " by Malachi Martin.

This is the Church documented accounts of five cases of demonic possession, dating between 1948 and the late 1960’s.

Fr Martin SJ,(RIP) was an adviser to various exorcist priest here in the USA and Europe.


I concur with the book recommendation and the word of caution.

I doubt that the Church records exorcisims. And if – by some chance – the Church did do so, I very much doubt that they would make such recordings available to the general public.

Even if there are recordings, I personally would NOT want to listen to them, and would advise against it. I’m not one to see danger everywhere, but that sounds dangerous to me. Do you really want to have things like that stuck in your memory?

As others have said, be very careful of this subject. Demons play rough.
When you take notice of*** them***, they take notice of*** you***.


When I read Hostage to the Devil, I read it and moved on.

Its a scary book, and very informative on the process of demonic possession and exorcism.

The exorcist priest for the Archdioceses of NY, was on EWTN, back when Mother Angelica was still hosting her show. He said that Malachi Martin was his advisor, when he first was asked to be an exorcist priest.


It is one of those things where I want to “prove” or find proof of the legitimacy and reality of these things. And to prove to unbelieving friends. Is so mysterious and mostly (if not all) hearsay. Would like just like to uncover some type of solid truth on the matter, maybe we are never meant to know.

I’d probably be too scared to read the books lol

Pax Christi.

Following this. Cautiously curious.

God bless.

I would say that seldom is this topic the primary sticking point for an unbeliever. I would probably focus on the more fundamental topics before trying to hand them a book on exorcisms.

Its less of a pillar of truth but more of a “not sure whats going on maybe there is something unexplained happening”

The only credible docuementation you should need and want is the teaching of the church on the existence of evil as an entity and a force. there is no doubt about it’s existence.

I would be afraid of hearing some sort of demonic phrase and it replaying itself in my mind/ dream and calling a demon.

You’ll get further bringing Jesus Christ to your friends than Satan.

Demonic possession may scare them, but Jesus will transform their lives and bring them joy and happiness through all eternity.


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