Exorcism and modern science?

Honestly the story of the son with the mute spirit since childhood sounds exactly like epilepsy rather than demonic possession. How do we reconcile the results of modern science with the Christian rite of exorcism?

Catholicism has strict guidelines in determining if something is supernatural in origins or biological. The rite of exorcism exhausts modern science first.


Have you ever seen a demonic possession? If not, how can you compare?

How do we reconcile the results of modern science with the Christian rite of exorcism?

Modern science does not know as much as they think they know. A good case in point is the fact that faith based treatments for alcoholism are more effective than modern medical treatments which reject or ignore faith.


The Gospels teach us that Jesus drove out demons. He charged his followers to carry out this mission as well. As the others have said, the church permits exorcisms only if all medical and mental illnesses have been ruled out.

Given these teachings, I think we must believe demonic possession occurs.


Exorcism is only considered once modern scientific explanations cannot suffice. It’s extremely rare.


This article on exorcism from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops explains the details of when the rite is warranted.

Science is nothing more than the slow learning of what already exists. No scientist in the world can measure, predict, or explain the demonic. IF they do not believe in the reality of the spiritual world then it’s not hard to fabricate theories that can explain most anything.

My wife and I have been attacked and have experienced a demon passing through us. Science could never explain the things that occurred. How can a shadow figure be there to see? How can it change shapes? How can it hold you down if it isn’t physical? How can it scramble your mind and cut off your thoughts? How can it produce heat when passing through you? How can it make you disappear from reality and have you in a dark void out of space and time? How can its presence crush you with pure evil feelings. How can a demon whistle and speak your name, sometimes in multiple voices?

That is just some of what we experienced. We did not get possessed, Thank God, but that was my biggest fear during the attacks. There isn’t anything you can do, it’s so scary. Even though my prayers were being cut off and scrambled I just never gave up, I guess God could hear and understand regardless of how they came across on my end.

Then how come they’re so common in the Gospels?

To testify to the Divinity of Christ. Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, did not need a panel of physicians to determine what was actual demonic possession opposed to a physical ailment. Christ healed many people from physical ailments as well.

We must be extremely cautious about crossing over into superstition. There is a great deal that science cannot explain. That does not make those things spiritual. But that does not mean spiritual realities do not exist. Hence the need for caution.

But I also think science must begin to accommodate or account for faith. Even something as simple and obvious of the placebo effect reveal the significance of faith.

Honestly, only notions which pertain to Man’s ‘science’ maybe have to be reckoned with Man…

Ultimately, it’s God whom Man has to reckon with: Believers or Not…

Hey, that’s my gig.

You are feeling the truth! Exactly how come in the gospel there everywhere but not mentioned once in the entire Old testament.? Good question, the new testament is written in Greek, and they didn’t understand Epilepsy and mutism etc, the old testament in Hebrew.
These demons are still common today, but we know what they are. Epilepsy etc. Even legion sounds like schizophrenia. I’m from medical background and a person with schizophrenia can resemble legion having multiple voices tormenting him. Give a medicine to help with the brain and the person can be at peace. If they were fallen angels why would medicine affect them? And why would thousands of fallen angels all squeeze into one person? I honestly don’t know for certain about demon possession but makes sense when compared with old testament absence and knowledge now about mental illness including Epilepsy and mutism
Peace to you who truly believe

Perhaps people with mental illnesses as we know them are more vulnerable to demonic influence as known in the Bible.

So you are saying that the mental illness is simply a mental illness, but they are now more prone to demonic attacks
Not these people are actually possed by demons?

And Aramaic

Do you believe in the existence of the devil or not

Have exorcisms been thoroughly investigated? No?

Nothing therefore need by reconciled with anyone in that manner.

This sounds like hallucinations.

You hear hallucinations? If so, you may consider checking it out…

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