Exorcism and priesthood


Hey guys. So how does a priest become an exorcist? It would be interesting if i had that experience later considering I’m discerning preisthood.


from my understanding, any priest is capable of exocism but can be desinated the duty of exorist by the bishop. in fact a priest exorcises at the sacraments before an adult joins the church and recieves them. I had to be exorcised when I joined.


According to priests I know, the book “The Rite” provides an accurate account of the training.


Interesting. Was that account based on a true story?


You might really want to think about this. It isn’t a movie, it isn’t a game. You are face to face with real evil.

From what I understand, a real exorcism can be a very terrifying, horrible, vulgar, brutal experience that can take weeks, day in, day out and is mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting.


Yes it is.


There are special Church courses where priests study this.

The priests who go are generally selected by their bishops and agree to serve as exorcists in their dioceses, from what I read.


All priests have the power do perform exorcisms as far as I know. Minor exorcisms occur at baptism and in a few other Catholic rituals.

A priest can be appointed by his superior to the role of Exorcist for the diocese as well though.


“Interesting” might be one word for it. Also “dangerous,” and “horrifying.”


There is also a need for clear thinking, clean living and much strength to avoid entanglement with evil himself.


if you become a priest, it will be for your Bishop to decide if you become a diocesan exorcist


Well, yes and no. There are exorcisms and there are exorcisms.

Priests can perform simple exorcisms, including the one at baptism no problem. However, the ordinary minister of an extraordinary exorcism, as in the exorcising of demons, is a bishop. Priests should not, and I hesitate to say cannot, exorcise demons unless they’re given faculties to do so by their bishop.


From what I understand there are events to lead one to believe there is the presence of evil, it could be possession, obsession, or some other preternatural events to call attention to the presence of the devil. It is the bishop who chooses the exorcist. So for example in the case of the events from the Exorcist, one priest gathered the evidence to present to the bishop. It appears that he thought he was going to receive permission to perform the exorcism. Instead another priest was assigned to perform the exorcism.


He is appointed and trained by the bishop.


I read up on this subject. A demonologist who is not a priest can investigate the situation and report back. He is known as_peritus_which Adam Blai happens to be. They usually know if there is anything truly demonic going on.

A priest who is given permission to do an exorcism brings some helpers with him to keep the person who is being exorcised from attacking the priest.

I remember going to the hospital with the Eucharist to give Catholic patients Communion. When I got to one of the rooms, a young man said he would like communion, but he didn’t speak English very well. He seemed OK with it though, until I brought the Host out to give him. It is then that he went wild. He began yelling and thrashing about. A nurse came in, I got out of there fast. He may have needed a priest.


The bishop requests you become an exorcist and you go study. Look at Pope Leo Xiii Institute . They have a training program in US at Mundelein.

Do not seek that path. If it is offered to you, pray and discern, but do not start down the road desiring that role


Awesome replies. I just think it would a Holy experience. I say that as in God’s power moving is special.

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