Exorcism by non priests and occult "exorcists"

Are exorcisms done by non Catholics valid/helpful

This article talks about how occult “exorcists” are somewhat succesful, though i think these are mostly scams

I think the title of the article tells us what we need to know about it. :roll_eyes:


“Why call a Catholic Priest if your not Christian” well atleast she knows Catholics our Christians lol


Stick with the Catholic hierarchy, my gut feeling is that someone like, for example, Bob Larson would make a bad situation worse.


Well yes, casting a demon out of someone who doesn’t truly want to be liberated certainly can make the problem worse.


The pastoral care that comes with this ministry is pretty important. Exorcists say that while there are people that suffer from demonic maladies that led perfectly good lives, most engaged in some sort of risky behavior. For those getting rid of the demons without ceasing the problem behavior is very dangerous.

I can’t see an occultist or people offering legitimate help any useful “after care.”

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And I could go to an unlicensed back alley doctor to operate on my appendix, however, I am risking my life by doing so.

I can have a dude hook me up with illicit cable, I may get to watch HBO for the rest of my life.

People do illicit things all of the time.

The Church is real, Her Authority is given by God. I would never advise anyone to defy that Authority.


I think you will get big trouble if you ask anyone other than those whom Jesus left his help with, his body the church. He gave his instructions to the disciples. That headline sounds like its written by a temptation.


As others have said, the title about says all we need to know about those two. It would be deeply silly if it weren’t so dangerous. In early 20th century China there are several examples of Protestant ministers quietly calling in Catholic priests to exorcise “hard cases,” and somewhere Cardinal Sarah has discussed how the same was true in Africa - after the witch-doctors had failed the people would turn to Catholic priests to help with possessions. It was something that deeply impressed him as a boy.

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The same witch dr in the article talks about a 10 hour excorcism, never heard a priest taking that long

Be gone satan.

@Fatima-Crusader would you allow a professed follower of satan to exorcise you in the name of the evil one?

That is what is being described in this article. A sure fire way to open the door to evil.

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I have seen no valid help from occult experts and non-priests. This looks like a scam.

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Calling upon Satan to exorcise someone is a sin. Satan would of succeeded in this case. Not sure how Satan can cast out Satan though.

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Can. 1172 §1 No one may lawfully exorcise the possessed without the special and express permission of the local Ordinary.

§2 This permission is to be granted by the local Ordinary only to a priest who is endowed with piety, knowledge, prudence and integrity of life.

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No, they’re not only unhelpful but dangerous. Avoid.


I agree with all of these posts: Exorcism by non authorized priests are dangerous. When I’m praying for those demonically afflicted; I pray the Rosary or deliverance prayers authorized for use by the laity.

As for the poster who mentioned Protestant pastors who call in Catholic priests: I’ve noticed that too. In fact: The case made famous in the book “ The Exorcist “, the afflicted boy’s parents were advised by their Lutheran pastor to seek a Catholic priest; because as their pastor put it: “ They know about evil. “ That’s one of the reasons I came to the Church was because Protestant theology and practice can’t touch demonically based problems.

As for seeking out occult “ experts “: That’s just plain dangerous non sense. The occult is demonically inspired and exposes people to demonic influence. I remember CRM Brother telling me that albularyos, Philippine folk healers; end up making things worse. If I remember him right: He said that albularyo workings are the second biggest cause of demonic possession in the Philippines.

As for solving the root problems in possession cases; I remember reading Fr Gabriele Amorth saying that exorcising a person requires the afflicted to genuinely desire liberation and to amend their lives; otherwise the demon could return.

I remember praying a deliverance prayer over a coworker last year. I said an authorized prayer from the above book while touching a blessed Rosary crucifix to her forehead. I advised her to seek out a priest. She did and afterwards, she went to a New Age shop to get a rock “ charged “ with positive energy. I just shook my head and went on.

I love watching TV shows about paranormal investigations and every time they encounter something that’s doing something really bad, I always say: “ Just get a priest!! “


Those TV shows are fictional. They never find anything and they never get conclusive proof.

Typical show: movement, scream, flashlight, “what was that?” and so on.

I grew up Pentecostal. I know plenty of people (one very close to me in fact) who had at least the perception of being exorcised and who have led vastly better lives as a result.

While these days I certainly trust the church’s judgement I think:

  1. As long as someone is close to God and leading a good prayer life He wouldn’t let them be over taken by demons because of performing an exorcism. For example in Matthew 10 Jesus gives the disciples the power to command evil spirits before
    Pentecost (their ordinations).

  2. All Christians have the power to ask God to expell demons from people. What is reserved to priests is speaking directly to demons and commanding them directly.

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I forgot about your second point, chessnerd321. Only authorized priests are allowed to command the demon in Jesus’ Name or to speak directly to the demon.

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