Exorcism Making a Comeback


This is an interesting article on this matter, involving a official priest-exorcist acting in the Diocese of San Jose, California:



i certainly agree that abortion industry is diabolical…

and i frankly think a LOT of pepole could benefit from an exorcism… These days, people are getting further and further from God… more rude, more hateful… etc…

rosaries are used in exorcisms… If everyone in the world prayed the rosary every night the world would be a totally different place…


i hope everyone is praying a rosary for BHO… as often as possible…

we need to exorcize our country…


I would sit here and highlight the aspects of why it seems that exorcism is making a comeback…it isn’t. Lucifer’s time is getting short and he knows it.

His activity is intensifying.

More effective than any exorcism…Confession…weekly confession. A contrite heart, the inexhaustible source of renewable grace…confession.

I have a prayer emergency on hand. Goodbye.


so true… but we do need exorcisms…

as long as we have politicians who promote abortion… and call themselves Catholics…

we need exorcisms… If not actual ones, then ones conducted from a distance (rosary, etc)\ .


great article! :thumbsup:
really puts things into perspective, like the abortion industry…


Very good article. Gives an accurate representation of our country’s situation. I would only add that there are other levels of demonic influence short of full possesion. These harassments can be very destructive and be very difficult to undo.
God trumps all and any of satan’s works! If anyone is seeking relief from what they think is demonic harassment, there is a site, St. Padre Pio Spiritual Warfare Site. There is a lot of good info and prayer help and good advice from some very knowledgeable folks.

Peace, Tom


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