Exorcism ?

I came on board tonight for help - for advice. I found Shoshana’s post about a topic that finally made me post this.

How does one know if they require exorcism? How does one know what kind of evil could be in / around them and, if so, if it is such that would require the necessity of exorcism? I would like to consult a priest on this topic, which certainly can’t be covered in great detail here or even privately in a few sentences. I use Holy Water - but without giving you details, I will say that as of today, I’m petrified at some event that took place. I trust in God but need advice from a professional on this subject.

After reading Shoshana’s post - I’m that much more scared.

Just talk to your parish priest about it, in a matter-of-fact way. Ask and pray for the guidance of St. Michael in that endeavor, so that your conversation may be blessed and without diabolic interference. Ask the Holy Spirit for the gift to speak to him in understandable terms, and for the priest to respond according to God’s will.

I will be praying also for you, and God Bless YOu!!

There are different forms or levels of demonic influence. There are many ways that we can open doors and allow demonic influence into our lives. There is only one way to free ourselves and to protect ourselves from demonic influence and that is Jesus Christ. The more we live our lives in line with church teaching, live a life of prayer and surrender to Christ, the more we are able to discern the spiritual realm. If you sense an evil force in your life and have experienced something that disturbs you as much as what you have articulated here, I agree that you should seek direction from a Catholic Priest. You may want to contact your diocese and ask to be put in contact with a priest that has experience in this type of ministry.

May God Bless you and protect you. I will be praying for you. St Benedict, pray for us and protect us from the evil one.

Thanks - I had to quote a portion of your reply since - (1) I wear the St. Benedict medal on my chain with my Cross and (2) I can’t/don’t use the name of the evil one - I call him the same thing - ‘the evil one’.

Correct - we can experience demonic harassment that is not necessarily a full-out possession, and generally can be overcome through prayer and living a good Catholic life.

In addition to seeking the advice of a priest, I recommend visiting the St. Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling, and following the Seven Steps to Self-Deliverance.

Some links for you:

SPCDC Home Page
SPCDC Help Page
Seven Steps to Self-Deliverance
Spiritual Warfare Prayers

Not that I’m an expert, but this does not sound like a quote from someone “possessed.”* I do know that when we invite evil into our lives, it is a slippery, blinding slope that could lead to possession.

I guess we have a friend in common. I turn quite frequently to St Benedict.* He is definitely a power house against evil.* I have been carrying a Benedict Crucifix with me for years, usually on my Rosary beads.

I’ve at times wondered the same thing about myself after the dabbling junk I did. I have a St. Benedict’s medal and been praying the prayers on that St. Padre Pio site. Have Holy Water too. I guess I’m curious too, how long does it take to get back in sync? I mean, was gone about 20 yrs, it’s been a year back but my Church was one that closed, have to find out where my priest is or get the guts to just call the number (duh to me). 5 yrs out of the NAM but I did become an anti-Catholic for a time but a bit over a year ago I returned. I’m probably overly stressed with job hunt fun I’ve had but I never imagined I’d feel so a foreigner yet, but I do. I never paid attention the first time and grew up in a family where things happened. I stupidly blamed Catholicism for that for a while but past that.

Roza, have you tried the seven steps on the St. Padre Pio site?

I’ve gone through Prayer To Confess Occult Involvement several times, had been adding it to Novenas I’ve been doing. I use a TTS reader and listen instead of read when I can. I was still ‘picking up’ (or so I thought) things at times but then again I don’t know if that was just normal deductive reasoning. I still get temptings now and then but don’t act on that garbage. It’s like I don’t ever want to mess with that junk again yet I also know it was so a part of my life for so long. Kind of grew up with junk in the family then I was really stupid. Had a tarot reader 2 generations before me. I believe I will eventually purchase Ransomed from Darkness: The New Age, Christian Faith, and the Battle for Souls (Paperback). Right now I’m broke though & job hunting. :slight_smile:

I have friends still in the occult, many I’ve lost touch with, one is a pagan and one is wiccan. She claimed it was in a Catholic school where she first found a book on wicca. I probably let that feed into my anti-Catholic days for a titch but like I said I returned to the faith last year. So very out of sync yet it seems. I haven’t cut them out of my life but they’re nowhere as much a part of my life as they were. Have another friend that used to hear footsteps & all the rest of that junk but she left that behind too. She’s not Catholic. In 7th grade I read books on ESP, ghosts, etc and yeah after I left home I didn’t even bother going to Church. I used a ouija with a friend, started automatic writing & gave readings to people. Know now all that junk was demons.

If the 7 steps was in the prayer for occult involvement then yeah I did go through it, if that’s something else then no I didn’t.

And I see ‘putting on the armor of God’ there too, learned that in my time away. I know I could have learned it as a Catholic.

Yep - it is something different. Here’s a link below. The SPCDC recommends to clients that they work on these steps for at least 2 months on their own before contacting the center for counseling. Regardless of whether there is a demonic issue, completing the steps will help you be a better Catholic.

The Seven Steps to Self-Deliverance

Will check it and go through it. Will that help Catholicism to not seem so foreign? :slight_smile: I mean, ok, I already said my story as far as what I thought was Catholic and what I’m learning about it now the 2nd time around w/out all the junk that was added in from my past.

On a good note, I might be done w/the battle to get assistance temporarily and have a very good job prospect in the works and need to call them Monday. Have to make sure, no ifs ands or buts that I get to confession and Mass this weekend. I miss the days when I thought I knew it all, then again, I really didn’t know anything.
:rolleyes: :eek: :confused:

Listening to this now. Is a spiritual director and a deliverance counselor the same thing?

OK, they’re not the same thing a spiritual director and a deliverance counselor. I hope I’m able to contact the priest from the Church I first walked in to least year (or a bit over). Otherwise, yeah, it’s going to be starting over again for me. Then again, maybe that’s good? Perseverance? Patience I need to learn too.

What about old friends still in the occult? Are we supposed to just cut them out or is a limited contact still ok? Praying for everyone I knew that was in the occult, some I’ve really lost touch with, others I haven’t. I assume (obviously) prayer would be the best…do we stave off from anything else that could be taken as ‘preaching’ to them? I remember my days still there and last thing I wanted to hear was that I was messing with something evil. I’ve had to set limits as in don’t talk to me about certain topics and we’re not as close as we used to be but people I knew over a decade already.

Keep praying for them, but end the friendships with those involved in the occult.

Go with Becky’s wise advice. Steer clear of those in anything - be it the occult or anything similar. Be careful how you do it. Don’t create hard feelings - just steer clear of them !
Our Lady intercede for and St. Michael help you.
God bless you.

The catch, the wiccan is an old co-worker I used to hang out with much more. Her husband is a Christian (not Catholic) and he’s not in any church but does pray, read the bible etc. I feel some responsibility in everything or maybe I shouldn’t? I know he said when I was in my occult garbage I used to scare him when I came over. I was just horribly deceived but I can understand now him saying I scared him. I’ve known the whole family since 1998 at least, was adopted in for holidays until the past few years. They’re grandparents now… and sorry, someone my age a grandparent, not listening to that! I did take the whole family to see the Passion back in 2004 I think, I keep praying for them.

Pray and go to a Priest, explaining your situation to him. You cannot know whether you need an exorcism or not, but the Church can certianly find out, so go to a Priest and be sure to pray.

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