Exorcisms, an argument for Christianity


Okay, I’ve always thought about this and never have shared it with anyone. But aren’t exorcisms, if proved real which I think they are, really good proof of Christianity?
I can understand why your normal fundamentalist Protestant apologist wouldn’t use it, because of course it’s our priests doing them!
But people like Trent Horn, good Catholic apologists, certainly could!
Your thoughts?


I agree that a successful exorcism is evidence that Christianity is authentic. Sadly, it also presents the fact that demons and evil are also real. Double edge sword.


I think the issue is that to accept exorcisms as a proof means you already need some faith. So if you’re going to use the supernatural, it’s better to use a miracle which will also have public scrutiny whereas an exorcism would be more private.


I feel that it’s good also that we prove demons are real aswell of exorcisms because then we can be vigilant. Societies many generations ago however were so superstitious in their understanding of nature that they would attribute all sorts of behavior to demonic possession. I’m glad this is gone, there is now a rational understanding to this which exorcists explain very well


I am particularly fond of the fact that Fr. Gabriele Amorth wrote books. It was like van helsing coming to life that the Vatican actually has real spiritual fighters against evil spirituality.

I’m worried though about the churches role in dealing with mentally ill persons in the distant past. While I don’t like the pharmaceutical industry it may keep many persons from being imprisoned by the non-understanding in great numbers. I hope nobody is in that situation today.


I think that it would unfortunately mostly be met with accusations that the church mistreats those with psychological disorders.

WE know that that’s not true and that the church hires psychologists to evaluate etc etc. But they don’t and unfortunately in their mind that’s where the issue ends.

Edit: Although a better application of that arguement might actually be to Protestants. At least fundamentalists who call us pagans, even satanists. How can the “Whore of Babalon” cast out demons? “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”


Most religions have a method of removing unwanted spirits. All claim success.


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