Recently a friend of mine has gotten involved in a youth group at his church. I would never have considered him a person who would become a “bible thumper” but he did over the summer and his words very much contradicted his past actions. I know he may truly have had a change of heart, but he recently told us of an exorcism that was performed during a “retreat” with a girl held down and “exorcised.” That is all I know now but should learn more soon. My friends and I are worried about him and are wondering what to do next. Any advice or thoughts are welcome.

Do whatever you can to get him away from there before it’s too late. Try bringing him into the Church instead, again before it’s too late.

The problem is it’s a youth group at a catholic church. Hopefully I will learn more over the next few days so I can get a better understanding. If I do find out anything I’ll add it here. Thanks

if this happened in a Catholic parish (which I very much doubt) it should be reported to the pastor immediately as it contradicts completely Catholic teaching and discipline on exorcisms. Never is a girl “held down” and it would never happen in a group setting, particularly a youth group. If it did happen it sounds like something unauthorized by a group of people who either did not know what they were doing or deliberately embarked on this project without authority. If the pastor was in on it it should be reported to the bishop immediately as it also violates all child safety regulations. My opinion: either your friend is pulling your leg, or something happened he did not understand, or the youth group leader needs to be fired and possibly prosecuted for wrong-doing.

If that is the case, then you have a responsibility to bring this to the attention of the bishop of the diocese–for many reasons.

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