Exorcist: Devil Influences Abortion Industry

Exorcist: Devil Influences Abortion Industry

An exorcist authorized to perform exorcisms in several dioceses spoke at a religious ministry luncheon on Sunday, explaining the basics of exorcism and its connection with abortion.

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, president of Human Life International and an exorcist, spoke at a luncheon hosted by In His Sign Network (IHS). He is an exorcist authorized to perform exorcisms in several states, and highlighted the connection between the abortion industry and demonic influence.

“Abortion is a demonic industry,” he told The Bulletin. “Abortion is blood sacrifice of innocent blood to the devil. The clinics are like temples, the doctors are like priests, the medical table is like their altar. It’s a ritualized sacrifice. They have a dogma called choice, a hierarchy called Planned Parenthood, and guardian angels in the form of police guards that will arrest you if you try to stop them.”


Isn’t it mankind’s sinful nature that influences the abortion industry? I always thought that if it was the devil’s job to make people do “bad things” then he must have the easiest job in the universe; people need very little help or encouragement to make the wrong decisions in life. Abortion, like porn, drugs, sex, or whatever is no different. Saying that the devil influences abortion gives an escape hatch to all of those in the industry who willingly participate in it.

I have thought that satan lay behind the excesses of Hitler, which gain the cooperation and the fervor or widespread masses of people. Satan can gain power over the life not only of individuals, but of nations and of large groups of people as well. How else to explain how millions of people kill their own children–not simply other people, but of their own children? And they encourage one another to see killing their children as a moral value. I can only thing that they are in the grip of demonic power.

It is my understanding that the devil doesn’t just go around making people do bad things. So pointing out “demonic influence” doesn’t give people in the industry an “escape hatch”. They have either made the choice to participate or have been coerced. This can happen by participating in related or unrelated activities that allow the devil to do his work or by the person’s own wrong (relativist?) thinking. And there may be ways I’ve not mentioned because I am not an expert on this!

A prayerful person with a strong mind will be difficult (or impossible) for the devil to snare!

Why is that some think the devil cannot influence the abortion industry? Is he not allowed to tempt us? Are not some people taken in by his wiles and succumb to earthly desires, rather than focusing on the life of heaven?

There is not to say that free will is not exercised in this matter, but I do concur to a degree with the priest’s statements. One has to consider that even the most pious person cay be misguided by the devil in their piety, so why could those who are lost sheep not be even more susceptible?

I do believe that the ritual spilling of innocent blood is a tribute to the dark one, as he seeks to destroy God’s creations. I do believe that he helps to lead some on the path relativism, nihilism, socialsim, and modernism, but as I stated before he helps. Helps implies influence, he does not force as that would negate our free will.


Isn’t that the lesson of the first passage in the Bible, the temptation of Adam and Eve? They weren’t allowed to excuse themselves. Original sin is intrinsic to Catholic beliefs, the original sin of our first parents…
Satan is even shown tempting Christ in the Gospels.
But what is most vivid in my mind is satan’s temptations of Padre Pio and of the Cure d"Ars.
How can a whole people fall into a pit of evil, such as happened with Hitler’s nation under his rule? Some extraordinary, inhuman influence sees at word in such a case. And in fact, Hitler was involved in the occult, a way satan gains influence over people.

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