Expatriating from America to elsewhere


Glory to Jesus Christ!

You might think I’m being an alarmist, but I would like to think of the future. I’m not one to stress out about the future and break down because of the stress, yet I will acknowledge the future. The way things have been transpiring in this country over the past several years that make me wary of the future of it. More recently, grabs by the government to increasingly centralize and amass more power have me wary as well (the health care issue comes to mind for many). I am seriously considering the option of leaving to live in another country, perhaps Australia or New Zealand.

Please make no mistake, I’m not an impulsive person and would not do this on a whim without any thought or preparation. I have started to save up money, in the event that things go further south; although, this is hard making minimum wage and being a student at the same time. I talked about this with my mother earlier and she is very interested in the idea. I am looking into it further as more of a back-up plan than anything else. Of course there is much to factor into a decision like this.

I can’t be so naive as to think that a Soviet state (or something similar) can’t happen here in the States. No one thought it would happen to the Russians. The Romanians didn’t see it coming and surely the majority of Germans and Italians didn’t see it happen when their governments were taken over in the 20s and 30s. The useful thing about history, beside its being fascinating, is that we can learn from it and see warning signs. Of course, this is one young man’s opinion.

I am rather curious to what the fine people of these fora think about the subject? Is it something to think about or is it sophomoric?

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I’m the first one to vote, and my question is, “Where else would you go?”


We’re currently looking at Australia. It’s all speculation right now, but I think it is something to think about.

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Australia is rather tight on immigration. Don’t count on it.

Besides, their culture is no better than ours. I say calm down and consider Nebraska. :wink:


I love my country:heart:
We live in such a big country with so much diversity, that if you don’t like where you live, you have the freedom to move:)


I said no such thing about hating where I live. I absolutely love it here, but the direction the country is going doesn’t give anyone any pause?

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Not enough to want to go elsewhere. I think it’s a challenge to us to influence America. We can do it! :thumbsup:


Snap out of it!!!:smiley: Seriously though, yes, I have major concerns about the direction this Country has been moving for a long time, but there is no place I would consider moving to. No way. That would be a slap in the face to my parent’s and ancestors who lived, loved, fought & sacrificed much or all for this great nation. No, I may get really annoyed or discouraged at times, but I would never, ever consider leaving the United States of America. Instead of giving up and leaving, stay informed, stay involved, make sure your representatives hear your concerns on issues, vote & stay vigilant. Above all else, pray & keep our Lord close to you.
Peace & may God Bless.


I voted No, but I’m curious. Where would you go?

Why would you want to leave the US? Watch the international news. Our country is definitely headed in the wrong direction, but we’re still a democracy and the Truth will prevail. The public has to be trusted to elect those who will lead us in the right direction.

Furthermore, most of the rest of the world is far worse off than we are. I thank God all the time that I was born in America. Thank you Jesus! Thank you that I am an American. God bless the USA!


I’d examine the other countries in more detail before you thought of moving there. Talking to a few happy citizens dosn’t qualify. Australia has many problems with welfare and government, too.
For instance, we’re far better off than most African nations with guriella wars, and, imo we’re better off then most of the Europe/England side of things.
Also, citizenship takes YEARS. It may be 10-20 years before you become a citizen…and you cannot vote and don’t have many legal rights in another country.

One of the thing about the United States is despite the “United” part, the States rights and practices still vary quite a bit. You may be able to find a state that is better.


America is the most conservative and most capitalist of the western nations. Australia is probably second on that list, but still more liberal than the US.


I know someone who moved to New Zealand, and it is no bed of roses there. As imperfect as things are here, I can’t think of another country I would rather live in.


Where would you go. Antichristians and liberals are everywhere. :eek: That’s just how it is. Anywhere else would have problems too. :rolleyes:


How about Malta?

My husband and I joked about moving to Malta, but it would have to get pretty bad here, first. Like really bad. Like the government forcibly aborting any of my babies kind of bad.


I would love to leave America, but as others have said, there is really no other place to go. No place is more free than we are here even with all the current freedoms we are losing.

I think the best thing to do (if you can afford it), is to buy some land in the middle of no where (within driving distance to a Catholic Church, of course!) and live as sustainably as you can. Grow your own fruits and veggies, raise your own meats… Live off the land and do not depend on any one else. Invest in gold and silver.


Here’s a curious idea, why not get involved in politics as at least the Catholic Church suggests (does not the Orthodox)? If you don’t like what direction the country is going, work to chage it. Community is critical, we can’t abandon our neighbors for what we perseive to be greener pastures else where.


*Hi Andrew;

I am surprised how many people voted that they think it’s foolish to want to move out of America. lol Wow. I think it would be an extreme last resort, and things would have to be REALLY bad…but yes, my husband and I have thought about it…seriously thought about it. I posted a thread not long ago asking about New Zealand. The thing to keep in mind people on here told me is that it’s not so simple to just pick up and move to another country. Nowadays, in light of the world economy, one has to have a desirable skill set for a country to ‘take’ you. I work for a global company, I suppose I could always relocate with them. But, it would be a last resort. I think that we are all anxious over the future, but does the perfect place exist? Probably not…and like others have said, this is still the best place on earth, in terms of freedom. I just wanted to chime in that I don’t think it’s a foolish thought at all…

My kids would LOVE to move to Canada or Japan. Japan is out. It’s sky high cost of living there…and too crowded. Canada wouldn’t be bad…*


I don’t get all this talk about moving to Canada, have you kept up with the news there? the public school system is treating faith like a mythology (akin to Zuse), and I think they might already have tax payer paid abortion. I’d say the US is far better off.


*I said Canada wouldn’t be bad, I didn’t say I’m heading there tomorrow. lol We probably will have tax payer abortion, eventually, it will just be hidden or disguised as something else. It just won’t be part of the healthcare bill…with such an outspoken President who is pro abortion, I can’t see him not trying to fund it through our taxes. But, I keep praying that he won’t succeed on that. :frowning:

The silver lining, is that I think our current administration has really upset a lot of people who voted for them. This isn’t the change they were hoping for, and I’m thinking that he is a one term President at the rate he’s going. I just pray that our country isn’t harmed beyond repair during these next few years. :gopray:*


You know where I’d truly want to live? Italy…if I could speak it, of course. My dad and his parents, were all born there…I just think that would be so cool. I told my husband, we could live on a farm, remotely somewhere…and then work at a local cafe…stressfree job…walk everywhere…grow our own food. Visit the Pope. :slight_smile: It would be incredible. The language barrier though…that’s a problem.

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