Expectations of EWTN Mass this coming Friday morning?

I gotta set my alarm for 04:45 for this Friday morning so I can watch the Tridentine Mass on EWTN from Hanceville, AL. I am really looking forward to it.

I know the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter is going to do a terrific job. The impact of having this specific Mass broadcast around the world in a language that many understand is going to be profound.

While I am no great fan of the worship space at the shrine, I think EWTN will really pull-out all the stops and do a wonderful job as well.

What are your expectations? Did you print-out the booklet from www.ewtn.com or are you going to use your own missal? I am gonna sit in my living room with a tankard of coffee and my notebook on my lap, while reading the booklet in Acrobat…

I was (still am) looking forward to the broadcast although I’ll be watching it on TiVo later. Printed out the booklet (back and front), stapled it nicely.

Then come to find out yesterday that a local church will be celebrating a solemn high mass in the extraordinary form during my lunch hour on Friday, so I figure I’ll use EWTN’s missalette at that venue – shouldn’t be too different at all.

BTW, they’ve got to be replaying it on EWTN later that day, in case you don’t want to get up that early, but I understand your excitement. :slight_smile:


I hope that this is so over-powering world-wide, that:1) Jesus Christ Himself has to take one step back and say to Himself “Oh My! They really do care!”

  1. That the devil truely feels the fear of God, and now knows he lost the game.

Well… compliants already are coming in-

No crucifix or candles on the altar- that is a violation of rubrics. Seen video clips of it.


What do you mean? The Mass hasn’t taken place yet. I’m absolutely certain that the FSSP will follow all the rubrics!

Absolutely. I think some people equate the mensa to be the entire altar. The crucifix typically hangs the retablo/reredos while the candles sit on shelves above the mensa proper – again, part of the retablo/reredos which I suppose is part of the “high altar” but not part of the mensa.

I watched the round table on EWTN tonight and it was quite good. I am really looking forward to it. I hope they don’t wear those funny looking fiddleback chasubles…

That is the traditional Roman chasuble. The longer Gothic chasuble is not traditional.

BTW, Priests like the “fiddleback”, much cooler (tempertaure wise).

God Bless

I’m hoping this will end up on YouTube soon thereafter…

Me too. But doesn’t EWTN do a webcast or at least put up taped programs?

It depends what you mean by “traditional.” If you mean that it is most associated with the TLM in recent centuries, then you are correct. But the Gothic chasuble has a very long tradition of its own.


Here are the two side by side:


I like the Roman myself.

They do a webcast of it live, but I don’t think they archive it for later viewing…

I have both of my missals here. St. Joseph’s…received in 1958 and 1963. The illustrations of the priest in both missals clearly shows him in a Gothic chasuble. That is all I ever knew as a child. I never saw a fiddle-back until I became a member of a cathedral parish where some of the historic fiddle-backs are mounted and framed in the parish hall. I don’t know the reason for it but it appears that use of these vestments was stopped after World War II.

In the 16th century (and beyond) fiddleback chasubles did not exist. Other styles of chasubles are far more ancient, and were also quite commonly used during the celebration of the Tridentine Mass well into the later 20th century.

I was thumbing through this great book last night This is the Mass by Henri Daniel-Rops with awesome photography by Yousuf Karsh of ABp. Fulton J. Sheen celebrating the Mass. It was printed in 1958 and ABp. Sheen is wearing one of the most stunning chasubles I have ever seen – a gothic design.

I don’t believe the fiddlebacks were worn by too many cardinals or the different popes at the really formal celebrations of the Mass.

I am also very excited about this EWTN Mass, and I also printed out the missal and stapled it together as you have. And like you I am
going to sit back and relish EVERY SINGLE PRECIOUS MOMENT. :signofcross:
You see, I am a returned Catholic- who unfortunatly
took this for granted …until it was taken away…and spent many
years in sorrow after I returned to see it gone! I shall treasure every single Mass where ever I can find it now. I shall grasp
it to my heart with a ferver.
:bowdown: I hope I never have to endure the guitars or the local
drums again!:harp: :amen:

LOL, us on the West Coast have to be up at 4:45…But I dont doubt it will be worth it! :extrahappy:

Regarding the “print out” booklet, the pdf file looks jumbled up with the pages mixed so I hope it doesnt ruin anybodies experience.

I’m also looking forward seeing it live on TV for the first time.
Thank God for His grace, and I also thank EWTN for its commitment to the traditions and magisterium of the Church

To God be all the glory forever and ever!

Laudater Jesus Christus
Instaurare omnia in Christo

It’s meant be printed double-sided, then folded and combined like a booklet. Explains the out-of-order pages on screen and just out of the printer.

Here’s the link to the PDF in case anyone wants to see it:

Does anyone know if the readings will be in Latin or English?

I believe the readings will be in Latin. They’ll be repeated in english during the sermon.

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