Expelled...from Canada?

Why is Expelled (no intelligence allowed) not released in Canada yet?
Anybody know?

It’s been over 2 weeks since its U.S release and it’s not even on the horizon as an upcoming release up here!


Why is the Canadian media silent on this?

I GUARANTEE that if Brock-Back-Mountain was held from release, with no release date in sight there would be an uproar of how it must be a right-wing plot!!

Why hasn’t a Christian organization with pull asked questions?
Why hasn’t the media asked Q’s

What are they (Media, Secularists, and Darwinists) afraid of?

I shouldn’t have to drive 300K to see this across the border!

The movie’s website says that the film will be distributed in Canada this summer.

Must of just been posted - I check every few days!


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