‘Expendables 3′ Flops: Is Piracy to Blame?




An estimated 2.2 million people saw the movie before it was released to theaters. But that doesn’t explain why the film tanked as badly as it did. Quoting from the news article:

Still, some box office observers are hesitant to ascribe blame wholly to the illegal downloads, citing franchise-fatigue after three films in relatively short order.

“It got hurt,” said on rival distribution executive. “You’d have to say there was an impact there. But as low as the numbers are, there was a whole lot more going on. There was some audience rejection. When you go to the well too many times, you’re going to run out of gas.”

It’s also not clear that the majority of people who downloaded the movie illegally would have paid to see it in theaters even if it wasn’t available online, argues Rentrak media analyst Paul Dergarabedian.

I would guess that people seeing it in advance, and then talking about how the film was a real stinker, may have had something to do with the poor performance. Many Hollywood turkeys plummet after the opening weekend, as word spreads about what a terrible movie it is.


No. Piracy isn’t to blame.

The cast is waaaay to big now (and unknown). PG-13 is also bad for their business when in fact they thought it would increase business.

The previous films also used CGI blood. Can’t even use practical effects anymore. I don’t need to see guts, but a couple of blood capsules or something to make it look real and not brightly animated.


Piracy is definitely a big problem in the movie industry. Piracy is the sin of stealing as well. This is why nobody should watch illegally uploaded videos on Youtube or on any other site. It is stealing and it takes away from the just revenue which is due to the industry.


Check out the following links:




I try to be careful with youtube, but it’s really hard to tell sometimes what copyright holders want up there, will tolerate what’s there and what’s stealing by Catholic standards. :banghead: :whacky:


I think it flopped because it’s the Expendables: THREE :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked the first 2. I was enjoying the 4 film. But tuned out when the blonde bouncer made an appearance.


Yeah. What if the copyright holders have removed some, but not all of a series? (Such as Disney only taking down So The Drama, but not the rest of Kim Possible)


That’s their right. Their selfishness doesn’t justify a criminal response, i.e., piracy. Wanting the whole series isn’t a good enough reason to steal.


I had no idea there even WAS an Expendables 3 until this very moment. I’m no cave dweller, either. I would guess a lack of proper marketing/advertising is a large factor for it flopping.


I didn’t know there was an Expendables 2.


I agree with you. Youtube does have a policy of only removing videos if the copyright holder asks them to do so. It’s hard to tell whether or not the copyright holders want the videos removed or if they are simply not aware of the videos.


YouTube has some fairly nifty software that automatically detects copy right material. Thus is if someone posts a video with a new Beyonce song, that music will be detected by YouTube’s software. The holder of those music rights can decide to automatically block that content, or can decide to allow the content with or without ads. So in most mainstream north american examples you can be assured that right holders are aware of the content and have given permission.


I have to agree here…making the first one was a bad idea, but to make 2 more…GEEZ!

I dont even bother going to movies like this anymore, the plots are so dumb and unrealistic, and they are soooo predictable…


That’s why they are action movies.

Literally this movie franchise is to simply have all the action stars in one movie blow stuff up and have fun.


I didn’t even know there was an Expendables (1).

So the stereotypical Michael Bay film?


Hahaha good one. :smiley:


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