Experience at confession

Hi, I’d like to ask you guys how your overall experiences at confession are.
I’ll go first: I go to confession at a church near my house. Overall the priests there listen patiently, give me some advise and let me go in peace. However I recall one time that while in confession, the priest had an “interrogatory” approach towards me, and whenever I told a sin he asked for me to explain it further.

The priest probably just wants a bit more details. It may not be interrogatory.

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I think all priest have their own style. I would use the word inquiry rather than interrogation.

It would not be a bad thing for him to ask for more details. That is his right as a confessor and can be helpful for him in helping you and giving him a clearer picture.

It’s possible he didn’t understand fully, you hadn’t properly identified the kind of sin.

The three priests at my parish all take pretty different approaches, but my experiences are generally good. I’m fortunate to belong to a parish that has scheduled confessions at least twice every day and around six times on Sundays (before each Mass).

I think he’s trying to understand the depth of the sins as well as the initial intentions.

I see. I probably would rather him ask for some details. This shows his sincerity to help and deal with the perspective sins you raise :slight_smile:

Most of the time the priest would just listen to the confession but sometimes he may ask questions. It is normal. It may be that he want a clarification, or for you to be more specific on the sin you want confessed or perhaps for him to give relevant advice.

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