Experience while praying the Divne Mercy Chaplet

Yesterday I was praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy but we sang it-well I was following along on the radio… but they sang it kind of slow and as I was singing it-I felt very sleepy but at the same time I felt peace…

But why would I fall asleep during the prayer? I wasn’t really tired before the prayer at all though…

Any ideas?

p.s. I had never really sang/sung the Chaplet of Divine Mercy before- I pray it every day but I had never sang/sung it before…

It likely worked as hypnosis does. It relaxed you and lulled you into restful sleep. A lullaby will do that for small children.

The devil for one would be very happy to see you sleep rather than pray. I would not put it past him; seriously!
During a seminar for Perpetual Adorers in our Parish, a priest told us something very scary about a mysterious man who always appeared when he went for his one hour adoration. He always stood at the door, not stepping in. Father said he noticed many adores sleeping. This " man" would always call him out of the adoration chapel and keep him out for as long as he could and he had completely nothing to tell father. This went on for some time until the priest became wise to him. I do not recall which prayer the priest said, I think he prayed to the Archangel Michael and the " man" just vanished!

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