Experiences after your confirmation?

Hi everyone… just wondering what happened after all of you recieved your sacrament of confirmation… did anything change in you or in your lives? I don’t feel too different yet…

I’m 35 by the way… and still not sure what my vocation mission is…

Mine is not an overwhelming sense, but I feel renewed.

I got a new fishing pole and reel, that was the best I’ve ever owned.

But then, I was only 13 years old when I made my Confirmation and it was pretty much a social event more than a sacrament in those days. :smiley:


You’ll notice in due time :slight_smile:

When I was confirmed, I thought I’d never sin again :smiley: I was so mistaken :smiley: But things have changed, indeed. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are enhanced according to His wisdom and our vocation, though we may not really notice until the time comes.

That’s right.

The Sacrament is a gift, and we often receive it, as I did at age 13, before I was ready.

However, it’s akin to a parent giving a bicycle to their child for his birthday, even though they understand that he doesn’t know how to ride the bike. They know, in time he will.

Same is true with the Sacrament of Confirmation. It time, we will see the gifts we received, when we are ready for them.


I like this explanation!

The only thing is-I wish that my Dad would have brought me up in Catholic. but he never went to Mass or anything… he was into drugs and junk like that-in and out of jail… and my Mom was/is Baptist…

So here’s my journey-

I was Baptist for 19 years of my life

then for 9 years I was non-denomonational-even went to Mexico as a missionary…

then for 1 year I was nothing/agnostic/atheist

but I"ve been catholic alltogether for 7 years now. I had my first commuion in Mexico around 2004 but when I came back to the USA in 2005 I didin’t go to Mass or anthing until late 2009.

So that’s my journey in a nutshell… God led me all the way to South Mexico to become Catholic!!!

But I wish I would’ve never of ben baptist or non-denomoational… oh, and for a while there I visited some pentecostal churches and watched TBN/joel osteen… this was in the late 1990’s

And I even talked with some Jehova’s wittnesses and Mormons-but I never felt good about their doctrines or beliefs…

But hey, I’m 35 and I’ve never had a girlfriend before or anything like that… So maybe God has a special mission for me or something-priesthood maybe???

I remember being confirmed. How beautiful the church looked, how solemn it was, how we knelt to receive the sacrament in our white dresses. I remember feeling relief that the Bishop didn’t slap me hard. I remember the Vene Sancte Spiritus and the Litany of the Saints being sung in Latin. This was 1966.

How I felt after my Confimation? I was 10. A fleeting, complete and utter elation on my way home. Peace and feeling of my whole chest being filled with a caress. I wish that feeling could have lasted. I have never felt that from any human love.

For all the rubbish that has happened in my life. (mostly through my fault) I still remember that and it gives me strength.

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