Experiences You've Had With Angels


Hi everyone. In this thread, I would like everyone to share stories of experiences with angels that you have had. I’ll start:

Once a few years ago I was going to a college campus to sign up for classes and such and I got a flat tire on the way. I thought I was going to be late. I had my cell phone with me so I called my dad and he was on his way to put a spare on my car. Pretty soon, a man showed up in a truck. He stopped and changed my tire for me! My dad showed up soon after he left and I told him what had happened. I believe to this day that this man was an angel.

Once a number of years ago, I was riding my bicycle and I started to go across a crosswalk at a busy intersection on main street in my town. Well, a car pulled up and almost hit me! I know for a fact that my guardian angel was protecting me.

Then there was the time that I was turning left on main street to go to the library. I saw nobody coming the other way. Immediately after I begun to turn and just before I entered the other lane, another car came FLYING through and came within inches of hitting me. My guardian angel was protecting me then as well.

And then there was the time that I tried to kill myself by standing outside holding a huge metal pole in a lightning storm. My guardian angel protected me then as well.

And of course there was the time that I was standing outside on the porch with my two sisters and there was a thunderstorm in the distance but it was clear over head so we felt safe. Well, a lightning bolt struck a hanger that was on top of a tall pole on the porch where the roof had not yet been built. All three of us ran in to the house at lightning speed (pun intended) and I was in the house first. It was actually a trailer but you get the idea. Cassie tripped over Tricia or maybe it was the other way around. I know that our guardian angels were with us that day as well.

And I better not forget the time that I was getting in my dad’s car and I went to plop myself down on the seat and I hit my head so hard that I saw stars around my head. I nearly passed out. My dad asked me if I was alright and pretty soon I was fine. I never did get a knot from that that I remember of. Again, it was my guardian angel.

And finally there was the time just last night that I will quote a paragraph from another thread on:

Next, I started to leave. The man who was scheduled to adore started to talk to me. He told me about a healing priest named Fr. Chris Crotty who was coming to my area. For those of you who don’t know, a healing priest is a priest with the charism of healing. Well, the guy wrote down the times and dates of the times he would be there, gave me some gas money (without me even asking), offered to give me more gas money if I needed it, and wrote down directions to get to the parish where the healing priest would be having the services at. I did not tell this guy about the vision I saw in the Eucharist because I was kind of afraid to tell anyone for fear that they would think I was nuts.

I believe that this guy was a messenger angel of God sent to tell me about this healing priest coming to my area. :slight_smile:

So yeah, I’ve had a lot of experiences with my guardian angel and a few other experiences with other angels. :slight_smile: Please don’t think I am psycho or anything. I truly believe in angels and believe that all of these experiences involved angels.


Angels of God, friends of mankind, pray for us!


Amen! :slight_smile:


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