Expert laments 'toxic attitude' that 'anyone offending Islam must be punished' [CC]

Addressing a symposium on international religious freedom, a Georgetown University scholar and former US diplomat decried the "toxic attitude that anyone offending Islam must be …


From the article:

I would have thought that American diplomats learned decades ago that appeasement of tyrants does not work. It simply makes things worse.

Appeasement of tyrants as a viable solution is an idea that will not die. It has been tried for at least 2,000 years and has never worked. It is like paying blackmail to an extortionist; he always comes back for more because he knows the victim will cave.

Some historic examples:
The Byzantine Empire paid the Huns an annual indemnity of 350 pounds of gold sometime in the mid-420’s, in exchange for “non-aggression.” Attila raised it several times.

From 1784 until 1815, America paid appeasement bribes off and on for 31 years. During this period, there was a four-year war (1801-05) against the Barbary States during the first Jefferson term of presidency. So, once again the conclusion is the Americans’ negotiated payment of protection money cost the U.S. millions in appeasement bribes and resulted in two Mediterranean wars.

Another case is appeasing the Japanese Empire by ignoring their aggression against Pacific neighbors between 1894 and 1941. The Japanese did what aggressors always do when offered appeasement, they continued their militaristic expansion.

The classic case was Neville Chamberlain’s 1938 appeasement of Adolf Hitler at Munich. Of course, appeasement of Germany began years before when Hitler announced in 1935 that Germany was going to re-arm itself in clear violation of the Treaty of Versailles.

Conclusions: Appeasement eventually leads to war; aggression refuses to be ignored. :sad_yes:

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