Expert: U.N. Resolutions Would Create 'Global Blasphemy Law'

The so-called “defamation of religions” U.N. resolutions, proposed by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, would create a “global blasphemy law,” the chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom warned on Wednesday.

Leonard A. Leo testified to Members of Congress on the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission that though the resolutions sounded “tolerant and progressive,” in reality they would “exacerbate” religious persecution and discrimination around the world.

“Although the ‘defamation’ resolutions purport to protect religions generally, the only religion and religious adherents that are specifically mentioned are Islam and Muslims,” pointed out Leo, who noted USCIRF has been closely monitoring the resolutions for several years. “Aside from Islam, the resolutions do not specify which religions are deserving of protection, or explain how or by whom this would be determined.”

Out of concern that the resolutions would be abused to oppress religious minorities in Muslim-majority countries, Christian as well as secular human rights groups had launched several campaigns this year to alert U.N. members on the danger of such proposals.

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These countries introduce some form of this every year, don’t they?

IMHO, this is a very dangerous resolution. Not just to people of faith, but to all of humanity.

I disagree. Since it has no chance of passing, there is no danger to humanity.

"USCIRF Chair Leonard Leo denounced the resolutions as a “poorly veiled attempt to export the repressive blasphemy laws found in some OIC countries to the international level.”

“Under these laws, criminal charges can be levied against individuals for defaming, denigrating, insulting, offending, disparaging, and blaspheming Islam, often resulting in gross human rights violations,” said the religious freedom expert."Just another infringement on freedom of speech. Although, it might have some merit if coupled with a prohibition against religious discrimination and forbidding governments to interfere with public religious practices and missionary activities. Then Christians could openly preach and practice in Islamic countries.

Useless organizations such as the UN should be scrapped once they have passed their expiry date.

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