Expert Warns Olympics Should Not Go on to Avoid Zika ‘Health Disaster’


The 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil could cause a "full-blown public health disaster” because of the Zika virus unless the event is postponed, relocated or canceled, according to a new report published in the Harvard Public Review.


They have a point. Putting over half a million visitors at ground zero of a major local outbreak of a particularly dangerous virus where they’re at a high risk of infection and then sending them back to their home countries, many of them carrying said disease, isn’t a particularly bright idea.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite of what would be smart. And to do it for the Olympics, a sporting event so “popular” that we’re down to single cities bidding for the “honor” of hosting seems particularly ill advised. But of course the IOC would never consider postponing or moving the games in a social responsible manner.


You catch the MLB news last week about the games in PR?


Yep. And I applaud MLB for making the right decision in that case to forgo the marketing bonanza that trip would have been in the name of public health. Hits particularly close to home for me as a family friend who plays Volleyball professionally caught Zika a month or so back while playing in Puerto Rico. I just hope she doesn’t suffer any long term ill effects from it.


Sorry to hear. I hope she is alright too,


The Olympics have been moved before (1908) but pretty much can’t be postponed. Quadrennial is quadrennial.


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