Experts discover 'cavities' in Egypt's Great Pyramid


**Cairo (AFP) - Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza could contain two previously unknown “cavities”, scientists using radiography to scan the millennia-old monument said on Saturday.

On Thursday, the antiquities ministry cautiously announced finding “two anomalies” in the pyramid built 4,500 years ago under King Khufu, with further tests to determine their function, nature and size.**

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It would be great if this led to gaining more knowledge on how the pyramids were built.

The ancient moving and cutting of so much heavy stone fascinates me.


Maybe that’s where the aliens hid their UFO plans. :wink:


You think??? God Bless, Memaw





More likely more treasures…probably already looted.


Most likely it is where the builders hid Pharos’s chariot keys as a prank.


I have never felt comfortable with the idea that the pyramids were built from cut and hauled stone. I believe that the Egyptians had some form of poured concrete that (over time) appears as stone to us. Think of the Hoover Dam and how they poured that structure one section at a time–you can still see the pour lines on the dam and over time perhaps weather would make it appear that the dam was built of cut stone.


Not if it is known where the stone was quarried.

As hateful as it sounds today, with enough forced labor, very impressive things can be achieved.



The conventional view now is that it wasn’t forced; that people did it for food and money, but that it was also considered spiritually uplifting to do it. Took a long time and a lot of people, but it’s not beyond imagining that the new view of it is correct.

Personally, though, I think those hidden cavities contain the anti-gravity devices the Egyptians used to lift the stones. They didn’t want us to know about them, so they hid them in the pyramids. :):wink:


Cavities? Maybe the Pharoahs had really big sweet tooths!


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