Experts See Dim Future for U.S. Postal Service

Experts See Dim Future for U.S. Postal Service
The post office could be going the way of the pony express.

A day after Postmaster General John Potter threatened to cut mail delivery from six to five days a week, postal experts, direct marketing executives and politicians alike said the outlook for the quasi-governmental U.S. Postal Service is bleak.

“It certainly represents a divergence of mail service as we know it,” Postal Regulatory Commission Chairman Dan Blair told of the potential move to five-day service as a cost-cutting measure. “But we don’t really rely on mail the same way we do today as we did five, 10 years ago. Our expectations of postal service are different from a generation ago.”

I agree with this notion for the most part. All my bills are coming via the internet and the bills I do not pay electronically I pay in person (rent and water at the apartment office).

The only items I really receive the mail now are change notification letters and stuff from Amazon.

In addition I think I have mailed 5 or 6 letters in the past year. All other stuff has gone via UPS.

There is a lot of cost saving sending things via the internet like charity and donation pleas (hint hint Karl :wink: YES I AM BEING BLATANT HERE :shrug: ). I am more likely to read an eLetter than open an envelope.

Yes there is need for the mail service, but it becoming less and less.

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