Explain a Muslim "Day of Rage"

Why should any civilized society respect those in the Muslim world who call for a day of rage whenever their sensibilities are offended? I really want someone to explain and justify what appears to my Western eyes like a collective temper tantrum.

Does any other religious group in the world behave this way?

If Islam is a religion of peace, would someone explain why “radical extremists” are being allowed to bring shame upon Islam without being disciplined by its leaders?

Are people simply afraid of speaking out against the more violent members of the Islamic community?

Or is it that extremists are on the leading edge of bringing about the Islamization of the entire world - something Muslims actually long for?

Just trying to understand here, folks…not looking for a fight.


To the mods: I’m not attacking an individual member, and I’m not disrespecting Islam. I’m trying to understand a phenomenon that appears largely confined to the Muslim community and must be a potential source of embarrassment to peace-loving Muslims everywhere.

I’m double-checking the forum rules, and I will delete this post if necessary. If I have misunderstood the rules, and can’t edit or delete, please delete this thread for me.

Thank you.

It is unfortunate. I think the religion of peace thing is media PR, not based in facts at all. Of all the world religions, Islam seems to have more official warlike stances.

It’s political, not religious.

This a problem the United States has created with our policies in the mid-east. We sell the weapons, stir the pot, create caos, and stand back and looked shocked. Christians are now being killed and churches being burned.
Where’s the outrage from Washington? Thier silence speaks volumes.

And Randy, I love ya man, but the US hardly qualifies anymore as anything near a “civilized society”. We are so off the rails we forgot where the track was.

I suspect it’s like everything else we see in the media - extremists ranting against the West, burning flags, etc. That does not mean they are representative of all muslims.

If my understanding of Islam is correct, neither Islam in its entirety, nor does any particular group, e.g. Shias, Sunnis, etc., have a central authority. So, that begs the question: which leaders? Even if there was say a committee or imam who had some supreme authority what hope do we have they could prevent or control this any more than the Pope or Rome exercises any control over heretics or schismatics?

There is probably a grain of truth in that statement. law abiding, peaceful muslims might be afraid of the more extremist islamists. Even if this were not the case most would probaly not do anything about it. It reminds me of when white-supremacists, fascists, racist bigots march in the UK - the vast majority who don’t agree with them do nothing about them.

In some places this is the case. In the insecurity of Iraq this has the potential to happen. It appears to be the form of Islam promoted in Iran. A lot of the Arabian gulf states wouldn’t tolerate this.

Well, let’s see…it’s Friday, the mosque lets out…I sense no danger here.

What is happening in Egypt today is truly frightening. Christians churches are being burned to the ground in a senseless attack by angry Muslims. Pray for peace in Egypt for all people.

Re: Explain a Muslim “Day of Rage”

It’s approximately 13.5 hours (good thing to note when you are devising your opposition op-tempo). The remainder 10.5 = siesta/CNN interview time.

SEE ALSO “The Purge,” without the bouquet of flowers (and the bathing).

Keep your Christianity Safe, but have a plan for when they attempt to be even mildly preturbed anywhere where you live and deal with it accordingly.

And how much of this are we paying for with our financial aid to Egypt? :frowning:

I can only partly agree with you, read this article, churches are been burnt at an alarming rate, so this makes it religious


Politics touches every corner of all of our lives. Whether we want it to or not.

Who decided to call it “day of rage”? It reminds me if the Chicago Weathermen, but it also reminds me of “day of wrath”, “dies irae”. I don’t know anything about Muslim eschatology…what do they mean by it?

In the West, we don’t hear about every drone strike, missile launch, combat mission, etc. that is going on daily there. I think I would have a “day of rage” myself if that was happening here!

It’s just silly when they rage about cartoons and things like that, though.

Explain a Muslim “Day of Rage”

This from a “peaceful” religion. Right

Now, I will admit my cynicism toward cable news and ESPECIALLY Fox “news”, but I noticed something strange on the footage I watched about an hour ago on the FNC. It showed a crowd of apparent protestors and off in the distance, on top of a building was a “Fox” billboard.
Fox is on television in Egypt? That seems odd.
It would not be the first time cable news has used deceptive footage.

I’m pretty sure Fox has an entertainment division with Arabic content (shows).

I thought that one of the post-9/11 lessons was that EVERY day is a day of Muslim rage, somewhere in the world.


Also, a “Day of Rage” doesn’t always mean what you seem to think it means. I’ve participated in several Days of Rage here in the US. The first Day of Rage was back in 2011 and it was a peaceful protest in Egypt against corrupt and non-representational government, which was met with terrible police violence. Since then, there have been a number of Days of Rage spread out all over the world. It’s not a Muslim thing, it’s a “freedom from oppression and corruption” thing. Most of them have actually been peaceful protests. For many of the ones who did not stay that way, it was the police that vastly overreacted. A Day of Rage doesn’t imply barrelling through the streets shooting people and throwing Molotov cocktails. It usually implies peaceful civil disobedience for the cause of expressing outrage against tyranny. Any protest can turn violent under the right circumstances and no religion is immune from the influence of people who want to impose their will on others by any means necessary. I don’t blame all Christians for what a few crazy ones have done to me and people I know and for the institutionalized religious discrimination in the state I live in. I would urge Christians not to blame all Muslims as a group for what a small percentage of nutcase Muslims do.

I’d really like to hear some Muslim opinions on what is going on in Egypt, too, if any of them would like to speak to that.

Now, I will admit my cynicism toward cable news and ESPECIALLY Fox “news”,

As opposed to what? CNN? ABC/CBS/NBC/MSNBC? You gotta be kidding, like the middle east wouldn’t have just dropped off the map if not for FOX. You’d just (later) heard about the the president’s offer and Muslim Brotherhood’s acceptance of the U.S. surrender.

Can somebody explain why 36 Churches were torched?


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