Explain Alan Schreck and His Book "Catholic and Christian"

I have a copy of this book from my local library and this author states, I am not lying here, look at the book for yourselves if you question that I am paraphrasing that someone decided a long time ago some of the traditions that a part of the Catholic life. Not from the Bible.

Where did these people receive their authority from God? Do you recognize the importance of prophets and their existance now? For me, either the will of God is revealed from God or it is created by man. I submit that these traditions the author speaks is man made.

I submit that prophets are here on the earth now.

Overall from I have read, a lot of Catholicism is created by man and is scriptural or revealed by a prophet, which you have no prophet.

The Bible itself came from Catholic Tradition.

The Catholic Church is the Pillar and the Foundation of Truth

1 Timothy 3:15

NOT the bible.Who says so?THE BIBLE!

"The Church, instituted by the Lord and confirmed by the Apostles, is one for all men;
but the frantic folly of the diverse impious acts sects has cut them off from her. It cannot
be denied that this tearing asunder of the faith has arisen from the defect of poor intelligence,
which twists what is read to conform to its opinion, instead of adjusting its opinion to the
meaning of what is read. However, while individual parties fight among themselves, the
Church stands revealed not only by her own doctrines, but by those also of her adversaries.
And although they are all arranged against her, she confutes the most wicked error which
they all share, by the very fact that she is alone and One.

All the heretics, therefore, come against the Church; but while all the heretics can conquer
each other, they can win nothing for themselves. For their victory is the triumph of the
Church over all of them. One heresy struggles against that teaching of another, which the
faith of the Church has already condemned in the other heresy, - for there is nothing which
the heretics hold in common, ’ and the result is that they affirm our faith while fighting among themselves."
Saint Hilary of Poitiers… The Trinity, 7:4, 356 A.D… Jurgens 865

“Nothing under the sun is new, neither is any man able to say: Behold this is new;
for it has already gone before in the ages that were before us.” Ecclesiastes 1:10

The Jews tried to destroy it and they in turn were almost totally destroyed in 70 AD.
The Catholic Church is still here.

The Romans tried to destroy it, but they in turn were destroyed and their entire empire
collapsed in 471.
The Catholic Church is still here.

The Moslems tried to destroy it in the middle ages, and failed.
The Catholic Church is still here.

The Protestants tried to destroy it in the reformation and failed, and look what happened
to them. The Church of Protestantism, which Luther founded, was from the very beginning
cracked and splintered. Look at Protestantism today, over 36,400 splinters, with more
cropping up every day.
The Catholic Church is still here.

Hitler tried to destroy it and failed. Where is he and his 1000 year Reich now?
The Catholic Church is still here.

Communism tried to destroy it and failed, and where is communism today?
The Catholic Church is still here.

Why do you think the Catholic Church has endured all these attacks for almost two millennia?
It is because it was founded by Jesus Christ and is guarded from within and from without
by Him and the Holy Spirit, that is why. Christ guaranteed the perpetuality of His ONLY Church.
Isa 59:21, Matt 16:18, Matt 28:20, John 14:16-17, Eph 5:23, 1Tim 4:16

So, if all of the above much more formidable foes tried and failed to destroy the Catholic Church, what makes you think you can succeed?
Remember, if you fight against GOD’s Church, you fight against GOD Himself…

"If GOD is for us, who is against us?"
Romans 8:31

Written by Bob Stanley, January 22, 1999


What is it you’re wanting to discuss about this book?

If it is about traditions. Then no, not all of the traditions are in the Bible. But then neither are the lds temple ordinances, eternal marriage sealings, etc.

Please provide a direct quote that you are wanting to discuss, such as what have books or documents have your read that says Catholicsm was created by man?

Remember, you had a thread closed down because you wouldn’t provide references. Let’s not do that again, OK?

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