Explain this...

This youtube channel shows 16 of these Early Christian Church videos…and they show in example this one, the things that were non-existent in the early Church…

Is there anyway to refute there claims that they made in this video:

I made it through the first 8 minutes, but their ignorance of the Catholic Church and its history is significant.

The Roman Catholic Church taught that the Holy Spirit leaves the room during marital relations? Seriously?! I don’t know if some rogue priest ever said such a thing, but it is ridiculous to think that was ever taught by the Church.

Yeah, there’s all these either ex-Catholics or just people with there false teachings just trying to stir up trouble…

Thanks for helping me not waste my time.

The opening description below the video gives some idea of the “slant” of this video…
The early church had a Biblical attitude toward political governments. Later Roman Catholicism departed into apostasy & authorized military massacres, crusades, inquisitions, tortures, unscriptural doctrine & all forms of corrupt politics thus hiding true Christianity from the masses.

The very first thing in the video itself that demonstrates the ignorance of the commentator is that he says “non Christians” take advantage of the lack of understanding the early Church to influence people away from their (Christian) faith toward some other brand of belief - and he include "Roman Catholicism as one of these “other brands”…
He doesn’t even know that Catholics are Christians…

After listing these supposed teachings at around 8 minutes in - they talk about how the Early writers are basing their writing off the OT and the NT - but how can this be since the NT had not been compiled in the pre-Nicean Church??
As to the specific things listed?? It would be nice to have something more than accusations. If these were things that were “taught” then there should be a record of it somewhere…

This pattern continues…And in fact this video is not what it purports to be, an education of what the early Church believed. Instead it is a crude attempt at a “comparative study” of early Church writing and things seen in the Church at later times…with an emphasis on how “bad” the later church was…

This might be OK if it weren’t for the total lack of references to the supposed later church teachings.

Overall - it is a total waste of time…


Its interesting how Catholic doctrine, which permeates the research, is overlooked, or purposefully left out.


People who stray from the truth will believe in anything,even to the negation of reason.Plain and simple;men who are so empty of truth are usually full of themselves goes the old saying.

Carry on…

It would be up to them to prove their contention that they were not in the Early Church.

Yes just keep reading and one will discover that the video makers think the Waldness (sic) are grand examples of christians.
Trail of blood beleivers. :shrug:

They wanna talk about what the Early Church was like? Yet no comments! That can only mean that they are unable to answer authentic refutations of their propaganda.

Here’s an article that I did on What Was Authentic Early Christian Worship Really Like?

Look in this one and see how the ECF teaches a very Catholic Eucharistic Real Presence. The Eucharist IS Scriptural


Naturally they want to seek to indict the Catholic Church for the misconduct of some individuals while ignoring the same and worse from the Reformation on. Ask them who it was that martyred St. Thomas More and Bishop John Fisher and why.
Saint Thomas More, Martyr, Chancellor of England - EWTN

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