Explaining my Catholic friends protestant false accusations agains Catholic church

In one thread I said that I am an ex-protestant. Because protestant “churches” easily give “evidences” from Bible that Catholic Church is the false one and do not leads to God and so on… I decided after my conditional baptism to make some lectures for my catholic friends so that they can defend against their pretended arguments from the Bible, because I love them I do not want that they leave the Church one day after a chancy encounter with a Bible skilled protestant I have Bellarmin disputationes in latin, but I would ask you for some material available on internet for free. I would like to purchase NOT BY FAITH ALONE, NOT BY BREAD ALONE, NOT BY SCRIPTURE ALONE by Robert Sungeonis. Are these books of hight quality? By what should I start with apologetics with protestants?

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Praise God for all the grace in your life. Admire you for your strong love and desire to serve God and share the Gospel with people!

Pray that you will be able to support one another (any one around you) closer to God in their unique and personal journey with God.

A journey personal but never private, just like how you are hoping to live the Gospel and allow the light of Christ in you to shine into many others.

Have you heard of Scott Hahn? He is quite an enlightened and inspiring writer.

Scott W. Hahn is an American Christian theologian and apologist. A former Presbyterian who converted to Catholicism, Hahn’s popular works include Rome Sweet Home and The Lamb’s Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth. His lectures have been featured in multiple audio distributions through Lighthouse Catholic Media.

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I would start by telling them to don’t put churches in quotation marks (or air quotes) when talking to non-Catholic Christians.

That’s not going to get the discussion off on the right foot.

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Do you deny there are different definitions of “church”? Do you think the denial itself is enough to make the other definition just go away?


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I just wouldn’t start a debate with someone by initially…insulting them or putting their faith down by insisting or insinuating they don’t actually attend a church. Which is exactly what was meant.

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I suppose that is possible but I cannot know for sure without asking @Quintus55. Im glad you can.


I don’t know if it’s that hard to figure out. By putting a word in quotations in the context as above…I thought the intent was pretty obvious.

It isn’t?

Not with me, at least not without a preconceived notion.


OK, I guess we’ll never know unless the OP comes back, but I thought it was pretty obvious in the context of the post. :man_shrugging:

Suppose you were talking with a Protestant and he put air quotes around the word ‘Catholic’. Would you be more likely to listen to what he had to say after that?

Possibly, but i have learned the hard way not to assume 1st. I use quotes all the time and its usually for the reason of a previously used undefined definition.


Fair enough. God’s blessing to you. :slight_smile:

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Quintus55, my husband and I are converts from Evangelical Protestantism. I grew up in a church that produced some of the most well-known and beloved Evangelical teachers of this era, including Mrs. Evelyn Christensen (R.I.P.), Pastor John Ortberg (I grew up with him!), and Steve Douglass (Pres. of Campus Crusade for Christ).

I recommend that you check out the books by Thomas Howard (the brother of Elisabeth Elliott, so he has impeccable Evangelical Protestant credentials). Evangelical is Not Enough is really good and difficult for Protestants to refute.

Another really good apologist and author is Jeff Cavins, who has continued to write and lead excellent Catholic Bible studies. Read My Life on the Rock and I’m Not Being Fed! My Protestant father-in-law has been influenced by him, and has expressed a desire to become Catholic.

Crossing the Tiber: Evangelical Protestants Discover the Historical Church by Stephen Ray is great!

If you are from a Pentecostal (Spirit-filled) Protestant background, I recommend anything by Tim Staples–but his CDs or DVDs are better than his books (which tend to be rather dry).

Also for Pentecostals, any CDs by Michael Cumbie are good.

Hope these recommendations are helpful.

Finally, I agree with those who say to be careful not to turn Protestants away by not recognizing their churches. The Catechism of the Catholic Church makes it clear that Protestants, because of their Baptism, are our separated brothers and sisters–this isn’t just some “liberal” Catholic sentiment, it’s Catechism teaching. I’m sure you know that many Protestants have a deep love for God and His Word, and in recent years, many Protestants have come to accept Catholics as full-fledged Christians (mainly because of working alongside them to combat the evils of abortion). So it is good to approach any discussion with a lot of love and respect, and not insist on doing or saying anything that might turn the Protestant away from the Catholic Church. Not a hill worth dying on, friend!

Read Not by bread alone. Great book, worth every penny.

Specifically, what communion/tradition/denomination were you?

This is a serious charge, one I never heard in any parish I’ve ever belonged to, and one I reject without qualification. Which communion/tradition:denomination are you referring to?

This is a serious accusation. Who, specifically, do you believe is “pretending “? There are many things Calvinists and American evangelicals teach that I disagree with, but I wouldn’t accuse them of pretending.


we should leave God’s job to God, and that includes knowing who has attained salvation. Which brings up an interesting point. Some of our brethren tell me they can’t even be sure THEY’RE saved, but you are apparently able to tell me if even those outside the church are saved

It sounds like you’re on a mission. What you’re really doing is making christians reading along that are not catholic think we’re living in the dark ages.

God loves everyone He desires to save everyone. All we have to do is believe in the Son to get to the Father. You quote scripture like I’ve never seen. I know the bible, you could just talk to me.

Mathew 8:22 Follow me and let the dead buy the dead.
Who are the dead? Maybe the ones who don’t want to follow Jesus?

He spoke to the rich man. When the R.M. asked Jesus what He must do to be saved, the answer was not / join my church. but to sell everything and follow Jesus.

Also, check out>
Mathew 19:25
Romans 8:38
Romans 10:9
Philippians 3:4
Hebrews 7:25


Perhaps you are another Scott Hahn jimmy akin or Steve ray we need more people like these in the church the decree on ecumenism might help Vatican 2 don’t get the negativity from some posters. It this is a forum and not the church.

You mean like insult them later lol?

He didn’t say he was judging anyone’s salvation?

What is a conditional baptism?

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