Explaining the Catholic Faith is like


Remember those pictures that were popular in the ‘80s? The ones that merely consisted of thousands of different color and sizes of dots? I can’t remember what they’re called, but someone told me if I looked long enough at it I would see a picture in it.

At first I wondered if it was a test to see how gullible I was. But I looked at it for a while concentrating on certain color of dots, or certain sections of dots. Then I thought I caught a glimpse of an object in all those dots. I looked longer at it and sure enough an object became visible. Then I caught a glimpse of another object in the picture, so I focused on that area and sure enough gradually I saw another object, and another, until the whole picture came into view. And it wasn’t just a picture, it was 3D.

I was amazed that someone could understand the workings of the human mind well enough to create something like that. And so I had to show my friends. They doubted at first too, but I said, “I’m telling you, if you just open up and try to see it, you will be amazed like I was.” I remember seeing the expression on their faces as one object, then another came into view until they saw the whole picture. The reaction was always the same…a big smile and then they couldn’t wait to show someone else.

…it’s kinda like that.


I always loved those pictures. I can’t remember what they’re called either, but this is a great comparison you’ve made. Feels very solid. :cool:



I think far-sighted :nerd: persons like myself are out of luck wrt them.


:clapping: Awesome analysis!! Never thought of it like that, but you’re so right! It used to be so frustrating too when after you “got it” and tried to show your friends and they would just sit there and stare and say, “I just don’t see anything” and then they would ultimately give up trying.


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