explaining to a JW

Can you please help me explain to my JW friend how it is that Jesus can be God and still sit at the right hand of God, pray to God, call God “Father”, etc. I have quoted much scripture to support the Trinity, but he still does not get it. I know it is difficult for JW’s to understand the Trinity, with what they have been told. Any suggestions as to another way to approach him?

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Hi Irishmom:

Check out the following website:


Let me know if this helps. If you still have questions email me at jschwehm@catholicxjw.com

Jeff S.

Thank you Jeff. The article you posted on your website, “Disscussing the Trinity with Jehovah Witnesses” is very helpful. Thanks again.


I wrote a series of blog entries on the Trinity with JW’s in mind. This one might be helpful.

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