Explanation of God's blessing's NOT being magic


I’m in a debate with this guy and he points to people burying statues of a saint in their yards for their real estate to be better. He says it’s magic, and I claim it’s a blessing, and he says that I have the terminology messed up.

Help, please?


I agree with him.

Burying a St. Joseph statue in your yard for a quick sale is sacreligious in my opinion.

Official blessings of the church do not include burying statues and superstitious actions.


Burying statues in order to increase value is magic, plain and simple. It may not involve magic circles or dancing in the nude, but it’s still an attempt to control the supernatural for one’s own gain.

Customarily, one buries the statue of St Joseph upside-down and says ‘I will dig you up once the land sells’ to motivate him a little. Not exactly the words of a supplicant begging intercession, are they?


Thank you guys. Apparently I was mistaken.

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