Explanation of grace


I’m not too familiar with its description. I’m guessing it’s basically the bottom line of your relationship with God. Is this right?


Grace: What it is and what it does


I read it and understand how it works, but can you give me a simple definition? I still can’t quite put one into words.


Grace is God’s “moving in us”, His “beckoning of us to come to Him”, His “guiding Hand to show us the way”


Bare bones definition…

Grace: God’s undeserved love which provides forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation for all people.

To wrap your arms completeley around the Earth is far easier to accomplish than to fully understand God’s grace.


And also “God’s Living in us” and “us Living by God”. By Grace we are more intimately bound to God than we are to the air we breath. In a very real sense, God becomes our oxygen and the source of our power; “Holy Spirit” means “Holy Breath” after all. :thumbsup:

This is why Catholics can’t ever accept Martin Luther’s idea of Grace, incidently. If Grace isn’t God’s Life and Breath and Power in us, changing us, and working with us, then it’s not anything.

Peace and God bless!


Another definition from Karl Rahner, and one that I favor, grace is God’s communication of Himself to us. A communication (a word) that we can either accept or reject.


I think of grace as being God’s pouring of love upon us…like rain from the sky. Faith is our ability to accept that grace (love), our ability to open our selved for it. The more faith, the more practice of the faith…the more grace.


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