Explanation of salvation

I found this explanation of personal salvation on an Eastern Orthodox website? Does Catholic theology disagree on any major points?


I think your going to have problems getting responses to this, simply because the article is so long and covers so much theological ground. I agree with most of chapter 1, except the alleged Catholic characterization of the “guilt” of original sin.

Chapter 2 is a complete waste of time. It’s the old theory that St. Augustine basically corrupted Western Catholicism. which ultimately led to the Protestant Reformation. Ironically, the author doesn’t cite Augustine’s works a single time, preferring to rely on theological treatises from Eastern Orthodox writers. It goes on to critique St. Thomas Aquinas. It’s so bad that I didn’t bother to look at the citations. I’ve read a lot of Augustine and Aquinas. You aren’t going to find anything worthwhile in chapter 2.

Pardon. I forgot to note that. Chapter 2 is just an anti western Christian rant. I was focusing on Chapter 1.

With a very cursory look at Chap 1: the intro, on original sin, presents a few difficulties, while the rest of the chapter is nearly 100% in agreement with my understanding of Catholic teaching.

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