Explanation of what I heard please!

Why do I hear this? Did this happen during a corrupt time, or did it not happen at all and it was just one priest that did these things or something? I know about the last part, that priests can be corrupt obviously, but what about the first parts? The Church supporting these evil things simply does not sound right. Thank you!

“So the Catholic Church held back science and tortured/killed prominent scientists in the 15th and 16th centuries (and an official apology admitting ‘Galileo was right’ was only issued in the 1990s!), supported Hitler and Nazi Germany in the 20th century (along with other dictators over the course of their history), and most recently has been implicated in multiple child abuse scandals involving Catholic priests”

Because a lot of people are gullible and believe nonsense.

Which one of this laundry list of things are you referring to?

Well, there you go. You answered your own question.

Source. Instead of I hear this.


Right, no source. I’ll give one if I receive one though.

And yet Galileo was not tortured or killed. Infact he was great friends with the Pope and yes he was under house arrest, but that was not because he was teaching science. The priest Copernicus taught very much the same thing. Galileo accused the Bible of being in error because of what he thought he knew about the son. And yes Galileo was allowed to continue to study science. The other claims are old protestant lies. Just like the ones we hear today that were spread in the times of the Reformation. For instance the tunnel lined with dead babies that connects to convent and monastery. Ask any Baptist and he will believe that story true and happened near where he/she grew up. They will promise to get you the evidence and they will never be able to produce. Same lie for 500 years.

Whenever I hear those nonsensical accusations it is perhaps helpful to combat with positive information. After all Jesus said that “the truth shall set you free” and we Catholics believe with good reason that we do have the truth on our side.

On the science topic, arm yourself with a litany of Catholic scientists some who were also priests or monks.
Show them that the Universities were invented by whom??? THE CATHOLIC CHURCH!
Who founded hospitals??? see last answer.
Who made it possible for people to start learning about the natural world and it’s processes? The scientific method? The Sciences? See the first answer. What do you study at Universities??? :wink:

The accusation about Nazism collaboration can be refuted two folds:
Number one, the number of Catholic clergy that was killed by the Nazis certainly is not as big as the number of Jews but the mere fact that the Church was actively persecuted should give some pause.
Number two the biggest and I would venture the ONLY institution that aggressively worked on behalf of the persecuted Jews during WWII WAS the Catholic Church, No other country did as much as the Catholic Church did, hiding, moving, helping escape Jews from the hands of the Gestapo.

As for Galileo, well I think that it was and is a big bruhaha. He was not killed, and he did disrespect the Pope, whom according to historians was his friend.
The Church did not condemn Galileo for his theory as much as the way he posited it.
He probably had an axe to grind and used this as an excuse to ridicule the Church.

You might be surprised to learn that in fact the Earth IS the centre of the Universe.

And so is every other star in it. Apparently the way the Big Bang created the Universe there is NO actual centre of the Universe. The Universe is an expanding bubble of spacetime and each point in it, is flying away from each other. Of course locally there might be interactions between galaxies, solar systems, etc. But at the macro level everything is moving away in all directions. Therefore no matter were you are, in the Universe to you, it looks like you are at the centre.
So much so for “Galileo was right” :rolleyes:

Who were these prominent scientists who were killed?

supported Hitler and Nazi Germany in the 20th century

Anyone at all familiar with 20th Century history knows that Hitler was violently anti-Catholic and the Catholic Church felt the same way about him.

  • the Galileo and Nazi-related questions have been touched on throughout this site as well as in many other places. Keep looking into it!

  • in worldly or realistic or just plain human dynamics, how something is made to look or ends up looking doesn’t always reflect the background of the issue. This goes for politics, law, commerce, media, family, friends and acquaintances.

  • as to child abuse scandals: certain corrupt bishops - let’s say the mentors of the mentors of the current bishops - decided to admit a number of unsuitable candidates to the priesthood in some countries. Over the same period quite a lot of priests were being told the sun would shine out of their behinds and the culture among clergy was not to mind each other’s business (i.e relate at a healthy level with each other and with parishioners) hence some felt they could “get away with” something under each other’s noses.

Concurrently a certain few prosecutors and police thought they were doing the Church a “favour” by blocking certain prosecutions, to the alarm of some investigating colleagues. (It would be interesting to trace what political parties they belonged to.) In parallel with this was an ambiguous situation around canon law which Nicholas Cafardi among many others has researched and documented. Then there are various statutes of limitations questions.

All the while as I hope those of us old enough will remember the entire society was suffused during the 1960s and 1970s with a completely bizarre state of mind as to conduct and psychology (television being a new opening into our psyches then). With the world around victims of sexual violence sticking up for them less, people who go into freefall should not be singled out for particular blame.

It would be interesting to survey if we could, how many priest molesters were fed at seminary with Teilhard de Chardin who said that mankind and religion were about to transmorph into something completely different so there would be no need for conversion of heart, for imploring and beseeching the Almighty for our needs, etc.

Only by delving can we realise that there isn’t a fundamental mismatch between what is around us and what is in the CCC or the terse answers of the local PP. Look what problems the members of St Paul’s flocks were bogged down in as per the Epistles.

Well done for asking!

Well you got it from somewhere. Why throw something out there, or be so troubled by it if you don’t knoepw the source of it? It sounds like rubbish.

That, essentially, was my question.


I heard it from someone else who is discussing beliefs with me, and he was just saying some criticisms so maybe I could address some. Obviously those claims are false, so i’ll tell him if he thinks they are true. Thanks for the replies!

Gee, they left out, that the Church caused global warming too :rolleyes:

Here are 2 explanations of many many explanations available on this subject, that you won’t find in those folks wheelhouse.

Excerpt from the following article (all emphasis mine)

“It is a good thing that the Church did not rush to embrace Galileo’s views, because it turned out that his ideas were not entirely correct, either. Galileo believed that the sun was not just the fixed center of the solar system but the fixed center of the universe. We now know that the sun is not the center of the universe and that it does move—it simply orbits the center of the galaxy rather than the earth. As more recent science has shown, both Galileo and his opponents were partly right and partly wrong. Galileo was right in asserting the mobility of the earth and wrong in asserting the immobility of the sun. His opponents were right in asserting the mobility of the sun and wrong in asserting the immobility of the earth. Had the Catholic Church rushed to endorse Galileo’s views—and there were many in the Church who were quite favorable to them—the Church would have embraced what modern science has disproved. “
For context The Galileo Controversy

and another article

**The Galileo Affair - Catholic Education Resource Center
These articles give names, dates, events, that one can do further research on if they are interested in following the story. **


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