Explanation: What the Early Church Believed about Communion: The Real Presence of Christ

From the Church’s early days, the Fathers referred to Christ’s presence in the Eucharist.


My compliments to you for that site. It is a concise unchanging statement of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic faith in the Eucharistic True Presence.

What I find most telling when I read the full apologetic context on the Eucharist from the early Church Fathers deals with the mystical aspect of these most Holy Mysteries.

  1. During the early writings the Father’s give clues and hints as to what is taking place during their life tenure as Catholic Christians, while under persecution.

  2. You can hear them whisper how sacred the Eucharist is to them, so much so, that you would have to become a baptized Christian FIRST! before they would reveal or teach the Eucharistic mystical body of Christ.

  3. While the Church was under persecution is telling how wonderful the early Church protected the Holy Eucharist. That some deathly feared to defile the Eucharist, or found themselves never worthy to consume the Body of the Christ, until their dying hour at the extreme unction. We come ages apart from these early Catholic Eucharistic Christians who were loyal to the mysteries of God. I can’t say the same for some of our Catholic political leaders.

  4. The Priesthood kept the Eucharist hidden to the unbeliever’s and Pagans, so as to protect them from being cursed by God. These Pagans and unbelievers sought to learn more about these mysteries but could not unless they were catechized at first. Compare back then to today, where the Eucharist is proclaimed and still some do not believe.

I thought I would add a little more salt to your beautiful site about the early Church militant under persecution, who witnessed and believed in the 'True Eucharistic Presence as we Catholics still do today unchanged since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Peace be with you


Ascension Press has an online Bible study The Early Church (Epic). I’m on lesson 9 of 10. I believe it cost $29 for the workbook and access to online lecture. I have learned so much from this study. 33 to 499 AD is the time period.


You know what, I have invested in numerous books from the early Church father’s speaking and defending their Catholic faith against heretics and non-believers. They have assisted in solidifying my Catholic Faith. If only our separated brethren would have the courage to read and or listen to these Christian Martyrs and Saints who believed the same way we Catholics do today. What a blessing that would be, if non believers who do not take our word but listen to those who believed as we Catholics do while under persecution.


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