Explicitly in Scripture, why bother confronting the Catholics that this, that, or the other thing, must be in Scripture


I never get it perhaps, I never will understand this. In the many discussion with Non-Catholic Christians particularly those who insist on Sola Scriptura to us Catholics.

While we Catholics do adhere to Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and Magisterial Authority of the Church, we do not explicitly go by Scripture Alone.

Non-Catholic Christian Protestants here continue to insist on that we MUST go by this erroneous doctrine of Sola Scriptura. You cannot convince us to go strictly by Sola Scriptura. We Catholics have seen the errors brought forth by the Protestant Doctrine of Sola Scriptura.

Don’t waste your time with us with your doctrines. We don’t pick and choose Scripture like you Protestants do. We Catholics take into account the FULLNESS of Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and Magisterial Authority.

You have seen many of US, Catholics are strong in our faith.


That, and non-Catholics wanting us to explain what the Church teaches about a given subject but telling us we can’t use the Catechism to do so are why my kids see me talking to my computer so often. :smiley:


Yes, even though the Catechism footnotes all its teachings to the relevant Scripture, Tradition, Early Church Fathers, letters, encyclicals, and everything else the Holy Spirit gave us to lead us to all truth. . .

Even if we GIVE Scripture references which support our teachings (John 6), we get told, 'But my pastor says the Scripture teaching on this is DIFFERENT from what you say, so We are right and You are wrong."


The Protestants in CAF have **not done a good job **of convincing us, Catholics, that our doctrine is erroneous. Most of them have taken these doctrines and dogma out of context, and misinterpret. I don’t blame them for their ignorance of Catholic practices and belief.

They are sincere in their zeal, but its when they present their case, its like preaching to the choir because we don’t believe in Sola Scriptura. The 33,000 Protestant denomination shows the erroneous doctrine of this man-made doctrine. It’s like the Holy Spirit has given each 33,000 denomination different beliefs.

Some Protestants believe in infant baptism, others don’t. Another believe in OSAS, and others do not, one group believes in real presence, others do not. There those who acknowledge that baptism saves you, and others do not. It sounds like the Holy Spirit is contradicting himself.

There is not unified doctrines but a diversity of doctrines within Protestantism.

While Catholic doctrine and dogmas are unified and defined, the belief is the same. It’s even documented by the Church. Indeed, there Catholics like those caferia Catholics who pick and choose Catholic beliefs and doctrine, but these are not Catholics who have authority to teach doctrine. It is the Church who teaches and define our belief.

In Catholicism, our doctrine and beliefs are One. It is One Faith in Christ… I don’t see that at all in Protestantism. I see DIFFERENT 33,000 Protestant denominations. There is no unity.


Yes, yet you will see non-Catholics claim that they do have unity - especially when they insist that the universal (catholic) church is a united, invisible church.

It seems that they are stretching the terms “universal” and “united…” :rolleyes:


The question is how are they united when their doctrines differ from one another is a question, that always puzzles me. :rolleyes:


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