Exploding iPod Touch Prompts Lawsuit Against Apple


Exploding iPod Touch Prompts Lawsuit Against Apple

The mother of a boy from Kentucky on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Apple for burns allegedly caused by an iPod Touch.
The lawsuit, filed in Ohio where plaintiff Lynette Antrobus purchased the music player, claims that Antrobus’ son suffered second-degree burns on his leg after his iPod Touch “exploded and caught on fire in his pocket.”
On Dec. 4, the complaint states, the iPod Touch “had burned through [the unnamed minor’s] pants pocket and melted through his nylon/Spandex underwear, burning his leg.”

“As a direct and proximate result of the explosion and resulting fire of the subject Apple [iPod Touch],” the complaint continues, “[Antrobus’ son, identified only as A.V.] received second-degree burns to his leg and was otherwise caused pain and suffering, resulting in serious injuries to [A.V.], including but not limited to the second-degree burns to his leg and the incurring medical and hospital expenses in an amount in excess of $15.00.”

The complaint states that the boy “continues to suffer from both physical and mental conditions which will cause him to suffer pain, mental distress, emotional distress, and otherwise for the rest of his life.”
The lawsuit seeks $75,000 in damages for alleged negligence, plus attorney’s fees. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

I’m gonna e-mail MythBusters and see if they can make an iPod touch explode.
Btw, where does an ER visit only cost $15?

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