Explosion at California Cheesecake Factory leaves questions


(CNN)A man tossed an explosive device into a Pasadena Cheesecake Factory on Thursday evening, scattering terrified diners and sparking an police search for the perpetrator.

Although no one was injured, the device filled the restaurant with heavy smoke and set off panic and confusion, according to witnesses who spoke with CNN affiliate KABC.



And I thought the nasty posts on Yelp were over the top!:tsktsk:


Must be the Muuuuuuuuuulims.:eek:
checking under my bed


A smoke bomb?


It’s hard to tell. Anyway, I did do a Google search for more news articles and I found one other article but I couldn’t find any additional information in it. I suppose they haven’t caught the criminal yet or they just simply don’t know anything else yet. Either that or the information hasn’t been made public yet.


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