Explosion at refinery near my home

There was an explosion at a refinery about a mile away from my home two hours ago. So far, 5 have been reported injured and one is critical. Please pray that there will be no more explosions, and that there will be no danger due to fumes. It was a dangerous gas that ignited. They are still battling, although the smoke seems much less.

Thank you all. God bless. Prayers going up from me for all here, along with my prayers for this situation and injured people and their families.


Lord Jesus, I lift up to you all those who have been injured in this explosion and fire for healing. Please be with the workers fighting to contain this blaze that it does not spread to other sections of the refinery and that they get it under control and put out quickly without further injuries or loss of life.


Praying for all concerned.

This will be included in my rosary intentions tonight.

Thank you. As of now, it’s still contained, and I pray they will soon have it completely out. One of the injured is doing well. Haven’t heard more on the others.


Turns out 6 were injured. One man died today from his injuries, God have mercy on his soul and bring him home to Heaven. I think 2 are still serious. Please remember them and their families in your prayers again tonight. Thank you.

The fire is out and they are investigating to see what caused the explosion.

God bless.

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