Explosion on London Tube Train


Not a major incident in some respects as there are no fatalities but a number of people have received severe burns as a result of this and the travel chaos in the area and parts of London for the day of course all plays into the aims of those who planted this device.


It sounds as though the device didn’t work properly, otherwise there would have most likely been fatalities. Thank goodness there were none, although 22 people have been taken to hospital with burn injuries. Hopefully with all the CCTV around the Tube, the perpetrator(s) will be caught soon.


I’m so glad no one was killed.


Lord Jesus, have mercy.


Worst injury thus far seems to be a woman with very severe burns across much of her body. Having once had the misfortune to be burnt by hot metal on my hand and having a permanent scar as a result of that all stories about burns make me quiver a bit. A relatively unsophisticated device it would appear and investigators think this is likely to be an individual with limited training or knowledge in how to create such explosive devices.


That video is not available in the US >_>

It’s great the no one was hurt. Hopefully they can track down the people responsible and lock them up. Thank you Lord for protecting everyone.


I am so glad that the train was above ground when the incident happened.

If the train involved had been underground the situation would have been so much worse.

As it was some trains on the line would have had to be halted underground and the passengers taken off safely.


Sky also had video footage, if you want an alternate link that will likely work in the US:-



Oh goodness. Have been at work today and not seen the news. Thank the Lord it wasn’t more serious but what wicked intent. Praying for all the people caught up in it, and for the perpetrator to be apprehended quickly before more chaos is caused.


Hopefully, I am on a day off and was going to go an exhibition nearby but due to the transport likely becoming disastrous in the area I put it off after I saw this news on my phone around 9 a.m. this morning.


Wicked intent indeed. Sometime I wonder if the people doing these things are doing so just for the sake of being wicked. The young men behind the Barcelona attack in Las Ramblas did not appear to be outwardly religious, for example.


Welcome to the third world war…terrorism is every bodies problem.


Sometimes they are so young that politics or naïve idealism for some sort of cause, often a vague and misty one, overrides natural empathy with other humans. Sometimes I feel it is sheer tribalism as opposed to any real attachment to a national or religious cause. The IRA previously used tactics like planting bombs in the tube at points, those kind of tactics lost them supporters among the Irish community and rebounded on them. One might give guarded support to defending a neighbourhood or viewing your nation as occupied or one might not agree with attacking soldiers or police but still understand the motivation. However when it became increasingly as matters progressed over the year


London has endured many decades (Indeed you might even argue centuries) of terrorism. This might be classified as a war of sorts, but if so it is a low intensity one, that is not a comforting thought for those maimed or killed by it. However in real terms terrorism, as it’s name suggests, succeeds more on propaganda and fright than huge casualty figures. It is not the Third World War in any conventional sense. Also no-one is quite sure who planted this device, it could be anyone from Muslim extremists to dissident Irish republicans, white nationalists etc. etc.


Good luck there on no fatalities - sorry to hear about this. The main point of these attacks is to scare people, disrupt their lives. Psychological.

I send my prayers. I hope they catch those responsible. They usually do - or maybe already have. I just heard about this.


For the sake of His sorrowful passion, Have mercy on us and on the whole world.

I am sorry for those who were injured, but glad it wasn’t worse. It seems like this bomb went off at a relatively out-of-the-way station. I was wondering if it had somehow detonated early before the train reached a more central and congested area.


That’s a real possibility, Parson’s Green is not a hugely well known station and I suspect the maker was definitely aiming for this thing to go off closer to central London. Unfortunately it is quite easy to knock up simple explosive devices and I don’t doubt we will see a plethora of copycats as time goes on.


UK terror level now raised to critical, meaning an attack is “imminent”: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41288525.


I tend to pay somewhat lesser attention to these terror levels than I once did. We live in a world where terrorism is increasingly ad hoc and hard to predict. Also, unlike say the IRA many of today’s terrorists groups do not play by any rules at all, coded warnings are not of interest to them and whereas a group like the IRA was on the whole more interested in destruction of property and not in building up a huge body count the terrorists of today would quite happily aim for maximum destruction and loss of life. The warnings have some value still as sometimes the intelligence networks are privy to information regarding groups planning attacks but often as not attacks have come out of the blue both now and in years past and the reality is given the cost and complexity of monitoring people and the likely amount of ‘false positives’ who are likely to be monitored we can never be entirely sure on any morning that a terrorist attack will not occur.


Sadly, very true. I think it’s been done more to help the police than to suggest there will shortly be another terror attack.

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