Explosive Buddhist growth in US as Catholic Church closes parishes


Following is an article that is troubling in a way. My diocese is closing 1/5 of its parishes - at a time when Buddhists and Muslims here are having trouble opening enough mosques and temples to service their rapidly increasing numberes.

What is going on? I can’t deny what my eyes see and I find it troubling and it is leading me to doubt in ways my faith in the Church.



Why in the world is this causing you to doubt the Church?

The Bible tells us this is going to happen. Who cares if there are only very few left? This is not a numbers game for crying out loud! Just because there are ignorant of God or willfully against God does not make them right!

Get a grip and be proud to be in the minority. IF the apostles felt like you did we would not even have a Church.


If you need to see an area where there is a severe shortage of Catholic churches due to high growth, come to North Carolina. I’ve heard that it is the fastest growing diocese in the country. I have attended a few churches here and they have all been packed.

Feel better now?


I asked my grandfather about this today. His response was that we need to purge the masses of all things un-Christian.

I think we have to start praying more.

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