Exponential growth of churches a real danger


Here in Cape Town we have an interesting phenomenon which is occuring with frightening regularity.

In the poorer communities one has seen the hitherto unknown growth of pentecostal/charasmatic churches that lack any identifiable theology but which teaches whatever the head pastor thinks this week.
After a few months this “church” splits a number
of members start there community etc.The sad part is that these pastors can be found preaching the word loudly and generally incorrectly on the train to work every day thereby tainting more with their lack of training.

A few of the gems ive heard are:

The early christians were killed by the catholic church that is why we are called Roman Catholic.ie. Roman=killer

being poor is a punishment from God.

Does anyone have a similar experience of this exponential growth of churches teaching blatant falsehood and igorance.


Sadly, the American experience is infesting South Africa. I don’t know any antidote except to keep preaching the truth.



Just overpower him with the Sermon on the Mount :), especially “Blessed are the poor…”


pentecostal/charasmatic churches that lack any identifiable theology

Pentecostal churches have a very well defined theology, actually:thumbsup:


The problem is that it is barely Christian.


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