Expose them all!


they are in a position of authority over children. and thats what counts.

we don’t expect our kids to disrespect the authority of their teachers.


Yes! Time for the public (and the media!) to start calling them on it.


amen sister

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Tu quoque refers to defending ones actions by accusing others of the same actions. Nobody here is saying the church shouldn’t be held accountable. No tu quoque to be found here.

In fact, nobody is even saying the church shouldn’t be held accountable even if nobody else is. But clearly these other groups should be as well.

The hypocracy of the media is clear. Nobody is saying that hypocracy excuses the church or means she shouldn’t change.


Doesn’t matter who you are here, where you work, what your status is, you will be exposed . there are no exceptions, there is no denial that it couldn’t happen in schools, hospitals, sports centres, churches, the list goes on.

we failed children miserably in the 20th century. in all walks of life.


I’m not so sure any century has been particularly good for kids. I’m thinking back to the centuries when children could be hanged for disobeying their parents; or Ancient Rome where children could be sold into prostitution.


@AlbertDerGrosse take your hysteria somewhere else. NO ONE SAID THE CHURCH SHOULD NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! No one.


unfortunately we still have sexual slavery. there are certain countries and regions of those countries you dare not allow your child to be alone. Chances are they will get kidnapped into sexual slavery.

we are no better these days.


The more things change…

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As I’ve been saying and was said partially a bit earlier in the the thread, own up to what the Church has done. Discussing the sexually it of the priests, claiming most weren’t Pedophiles (meaning it was rape or sexual assault), claiming other institutions are just as bad, and so on needs to stop.

If you are verbally abusing your family and the people next door are doing it physically, doing so verbally doesn’t make you “better”; you are still abusing. Your abuse is your messy diaper you don’t want to change. This whole thing has pervaded our politics too, so it seems it is open season for anything of this type unresponsibility.


To deny there is no problem anywhere else, is to deny the extent of the problem.


I hate to be the cynic here, but the short answer to this complex question is…yes. Man has always been capable of great evil and he mostly perpetuates it on his fellow man (or child). Scratch the surface of almost any society and you will find the marks of all of it…child rape, incest, sexual and secular slavery, sodomy, murder, lying, cheating, stealing, adultery, assault. Name a vice and it’s been represented in history. Scratch the surface of our own society…it’s all there, as well. It’s not “if” a society has these issues, it’s “who knows about it”. We can take small comfort in the fact that we are, arguably, more vocal and organized in taking action against it, but over and over again we see even those who make a career out of preaching against these very sins become victim to them. It’s why we need Christ in the Eucharist…every. single. one. of. us.


I mean you’re looking at one thread of many. There’s many many threads demanding we keep the church accountable. Is it wrong to talk about a different asspect of the issue? You’re just making a wild assumption that these commenters are ok with church’s abuse or something. That’s a little unfair.

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I see reports in the media regularly about teachers, coaches, day care workers etc who have been accused or caught abusing kids. I don’t see those being hushed or protected at all.

Sadly it happens on a regular basis. Maybe no one is doing a huge probe because it isn’t being protected, covered up, glossed over and hushed.

The reason this is a scandal is because of the way it has been treated by the hierarchy of the Church itself. The facts are the facts.

When all the Penn state stuff came out about Sandusky it was a huge media covered scandal. Pretending this is some evil outside plot against the church accomplishes nothing. Whenever this is uncovered and shown to be long term and endemic it’s a scandal, no matter what the institution is. Maybe you have selective memory?

I’m not a Catholic, so I have no stake in this. It’s sadly, another sick case of endemic corruption that was allowed to thrive and spread because of power plays that led to people keeping it hushed up.

If you feel the need to start a campaign to search for similar issues among other organizations, then do so! By all means, any fair investigation that leads to greater transparency and protection of minors is to be applauded.

Remember when the Boy Scouts were outed? I DO, it was all over the media and long overdue. That BS was taking place when I was a teen. I know people who were molested and I was a female molested by one of the pedophile Boy Scout leaders.

It’s not just the Catholic Church that has this problem or that allowed it to continue or that was outed and had wide spread media coverage. It’s happened to many groups and probably will happen to many more. Claiming some kind of special persecution is disingenuous and accomplishes nothing accept making it look like Catholics want the spot light off of their own problems.


It “barely makes the news” because people expect Chicago public schools to be cesspools, sadly, and many of the affected people are poor. People still expect more of the Church and a lot of people attending church are middle-class or well-off, so Church scandals make news.

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I don’t know, seems like a lot of teachers are getting busted lately

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I’ve seen more than enough threads trying to mitigate the depth of the issue. The problem with this thread is that the OP asks:

It is an whataboutism post trying to defend the Church against other organizations. What would be more appropriate is one centering the victims. Maybe a prayer for them? Maybe asking why as a society we can’t deal with this properly? Maybe looking inward and reflecting on why it is more unique to Catholic situation; that it is an organization that proclaims to have the moral way?

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To quote our Lord

(Matthew 7:1-5)

I think we should refrain from this kind of finger pointing until we’ve dealt with the problem internally and proven that we have taken the steps necessary to protect children and the vulnerable from those who would abuse power. Otherwise, it will just ring hollow and indicate that we’re still unwilling to really own up to our own failings, preferring instead to always call out others for their own.


Precisely. This is the attitude that helps perpetuate cover ups…well, others do it too, no point in us making a big deal out of it…maybe we can make it go away quietly, after all, I’m sure it’s happening other places as well and that must be how THEY are handling it…nothing special to see here…

It’s only when someone stands up and says " THIS IS NOT OK!" that the buck stops. When people accept that there is no excuse, that one case it too many cases, and that it doesn’t matter what the Joneses are up to, WE aren’t going to stand for it. End of story.

As long as it is minimized in any form, or made to appear in any way normal and business as usual, it is a nod for it not to be taken as seriously as it MUST be in order for it to come to an end.

I can’t see why the Church wouldn’t want to be the new standard for “NEVER AGAIN!” rather than for its members to keep saying “Yeah, but they do it too!”

This is an opportunity for greatness


Who said any of that? Point to someone who said the problem in the Church is not a big deal. NO ONE SAID THAT.

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