Exposure Response Prevention Therapy and Morality

I recently started an Exposure therapy for my OCD at a hospital. I have intrusive blasphemous thoughts sometimes when I look at images of saints so they exposed me to pictures. Since I wasn’t having any thoughts come they told me to start thinking them. I wasn’t thinking about the morality other than thinking God and the Saints would not be mad at me for having these thoughts because it was therapy. I started thinking horrible thoughts I hated on purpose sick and disgusting ones as part of therapy. Hours later I freaked out and remembered how evil the thoughts were and began to worry about these thoughts. I called my Parish priest but he hasn’t responded and my Spiritual director does not know what OCD is. I feel horrible and am strongly considering giving up this treatment. I don’t know whether or not I committed a sin because I didn’t think they were sinful when I was doing it and I detested all the thoughts I brought to mind but I feel traumatized and scared.Would anyone who knows anything about exposure therapy or OCD or maybe a Priest be able to give advice?

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