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I know some horror movies can seem immoral and I dont like it but there are some who watch some.
I dont glorify voilince it doesnt brother me or cause to go out and commit a crime. Inface horror movies have helped me with anxiety. I love spiders snakes hieights and challenges. I use to have severe night terrors as a child. Now I just pray.
I dont glorify death or murder tourtue. I know fiction vs reality.
I just wanted to know your opiiouns (excuse my spelling)

And do you have a favorite horror, thriller movie?

I suggest (I’m not advertising this though) looking at ussbc reviews or cns movie reviews, and common sense media to know what you are watching.
The ussbc and cns have suggested rating AI to O.

One of my favorites is Arachnophobia, with Jeff Daniels and john Goodman. Scary spiders…

I’m generally not huge on horror or “scary thriller” movies but I do like a few, especially from the pre-slasher/gore era. Slasher/ gore is boring as well as icky.

Here are some I like:

  • The Exorcist
  • Night of the Living Dead (the original one, not remakes)
  • The Blob (the original one, not the remake)
  • Vampyr
  • Carnival of Souls (the original one, not the remake)
  • Dementia (aka Daughter of Horror)
  • Peeping Tom

I like zombie comedy. Which I guess is an genre and doesn’t answer your question, but there are so many.

For zombies, there’s Shaun of the Dead. And then there’s The World’s End, for alien invasion and an epic pub crawl.

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