Expulsion threatened over prayer for sick teacher

So there have been stories from Canada, Britian, and the world in general where pastors were fined/jailed for preaching the Bible, nurses punished for offering to pray for patients. But it was dismissed as not being here. A photography company was sued and lost for declining to take a job at a ‘gay wedding’ in a state that didn’t even recgonize the ‘marriage’ as valid, but that was “an isolated incident”. Now we have this:

The case was prompted by an incident just before Christmas in 2007 in which the students went to deliver a Christmas gift to a professor.

“Kandy found the instructor alone in her shared office,” according to Pacific Justice. “When the instructor indicated she was ill, Kandy offered to pray for her. The instructor bowed her head, and Kandy began to pray – until she was interrupted by another faculty member, Derek Piazza, who walked in and said, ‘You can’t be doing that in here!’ Kandy quickly left and rejoined her friend and fellow student, Ojoma Omaga. Piazza followed Kandy outside and repeated his rebuke.”

While the students reported they were surprised by the teacher’s aggressive behavior, they were stunned when, days later, they both got letters notifying them of the college’s retroactive “intent to suspend” plan.

School officials informed them during administrative hearings that Kyriacou was being disciplined for praying for the sick teacher. Omaga was not part of the prayer, and her offense apparently was that she was with Kyriacou a short time later.


Fortunately the judge refused to dismiss the lawsuit at the schools request. Yeah, the school stands by the punishment as approiate. There is a war going on to silence our beliefs and remove our right to express or even hold them, and as long as we keep electing people who don’t respect our beliefs this will continue.

And you nation will continue to damage all the rest of us, as it has since it dropped bombs on Japan: since America’s first Genocide (that we know of)!

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